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Special Teams Coordinator Tom Quinn

Q. How is Lawrence Tynes handling the coaching adjustments that are being made?

A. He is adjusting well to them, watching a lot of tape when he was really doing it well. Trying to discover some things that we can do better.

Q. Can you discuss what standing up straighter would do for a kicker?

A. Just keeping your feet underneath you, keeping your balance, is what he is talking about.

Q. Almost like a golf swing?

A. Yeah.

Q. Is it unusual for a veteran kicker to be going through so many changes?

A. No, there are constant adjustments they go through, Jeff Feagles even. You fall into some bad habits at times and you've got to work yourself out of it.

Q. Are you worried about him mentally?

A. His confidence is shaken, but the team has a lot of confidence in him. He just has to go out and make some kicks.

Q. When he started to change, was it something he brought to you or you suggested to him?

A. Each year with the specialists you try to find out what you can better and what adjustments we can make. It wasn't so much with his field goals, it was more with the kickoff.

Q. The kickoff with the shorter approach?

A. Yeah, have him speed up on everything.

Q. Do you think the adjustment has carried over into the field goals?

A. No, no.

Q. When did he fall into this bad habit with the field goals, stance and approach?

A. I am not sure exactly, probably ten days ago. He struck the ball really well when we got back from camp. It is just something that crept up on us.

Q. When he misses those kicks, is it something you can look at and say 'you pushed this one'?

A. That is just an alignment problem. It comes down to basics.

Q. Wrong alignment on both of them?

A. Yeah.

Q. He said that the first kick he had to win the game in Dallas he didn't feel good about. Was that due to alignment?

A. No. These guys are perfectionists and they want the ball to have that perfect rotation and it didn't have that. That's all.

Q. Is it dangerous to have your kicker thinking so much?

A. You try not to overanalyze. You watch what you need to watch. I am not a really good golfer when I start to overanalyze.

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