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Special Teams Coordinator Tom Quinn

Q. The way he described it, Feagles said he lined up wrong in terms of the where the hash marker was?

A. Yeah, he was a little too aggressive under the ball and came a little too far outside.
Q. He said the other thing that he thought about was after kicking for 20 some odd years that when you are back in your own territory you wonder should I kick for more distance instead of cutting it so fine…?

A. Yeah, I don't think he was really trying to cut it that fine.
Q. When you say angle, do you mean the way his body is standing or the way his foot is striking the ball?
A. In his feet after he catches the ball.
Q.  You have coached him for a couple years now. When he has a game like that, are you standing there wondering if the world is coming to an end because he is so consistent?

A. He had the one bad kick that came off the side of his foot. The other ones were better kicks but it was just a poor angle. So it wasn't like four balls went off the side of his foot. There is a difference. It wasn't like he had completely washed out. He has had the ones that have gone off of the side of his foot in the past. Probably one a year; this was one, so hopefully we don't see it again.

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