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Special Teams Coordinator Tom Quinn


Q: Chris Canty got close to blocking a punt in last week's game, didn't he?A: Yes, he got close, that is a big, big man.

Q: Has he been playing in that position a lot?A: We do have a group that he is part of and has been out there and it is usually a short yardage situation where we are safe and in a safe look and we brought pressure

Q: Do you naturally have more veteran players on special teams now?A: Not necessarily, you go with the guys that you have been playing all along. The reason why we had them was because they played on defense and we had guys playing so many plays and we extended them on punt and punt return.

Q: Because a tie is as good as a win, does that change anything on special teams?A: That is all up to coach. We play it how he wants us to play it. We have enough to worry about with Dez Bryant.

Q: How has Dwayne Harris done for them?A: He has done a great job. He is a guy they had and drafted out of South Carolina. He really runs hard as a kickoff returner and the punt return skills has a physical nature to it so he has done a really nice job for them.

Q: What did you notice about you punting and punt coverage was better than it was before the Jets game, what have you noticed?A: It starts with protection and that is what we always say and we weren't as firm or as physical as we needed to be. The punter has to do a better job with the ball and locations. It is very hard to cover a ball when it is down the middle of the field. We have to do a better job because that wasn't good.

Q: Are punters and quarterbacks similar when it gets cold and the different things they have to do with the ball?A:  I think the ball gets harder and they don't fly as far. We haven't had that much wind since we have been in the new place so it is unknown once it starts blowing over 20 what it is going to really be like.

Q: Has it been interesting how you haven't had to deal with much weather issues?A: Yes, for two seasons. We haven't had it for two seasons really. We always felt like the 20 mph and once it gets over that it really affects the game but we haven't had it especially like that so far.

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