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Q: Is Aaron Ross an option for punt returning? Are any other guys an option?

A: Obviously you have to have more than one. We feel really bad for Domenik Hixon. He worked hard to get back and is a great team player so we'll miss him. But Aaron's ready to step in there. You have Jerrel [Jernigan] ready to step in and Ahmad Bradshaw and Corey Webster. Those are the guys we've been working.

Q: Is the best part that Aaron's not going to bug you to return punts anymore?

A: He likes doing it and he does it well. So we're excited to be able to see him [return punts].

Q: What makes Aaron good in that role?

A: What makes him good in that role is that he is very secure in catching, he's square, and he's got a quick first step.

Q: Is there an adjustment period for Aaron?

A: I don't think so. He did it the last two games of last year. He did it last week. I think anytime you put different guys back there, there is always a little bit of an adjustment because of the speed and because what they face in a game is different than what they face in practice.

Q: When punting to DeSean Jackson, is it just a matter of punting it out of bounds?

A: You would like to, but if you could punt it out of bounds forty-yards all the time I think we would be all doing that and have a forty-yard net and feel good about it at the end of the day. He's explosive, both him and Maclin. You have to be right in coverage and you have to be aggressive in coverage. You have to make sure that everyone's doing their job - from the snapper, to the punter, to all of the coverage.

Q: What makes Jackson so difficult?

A: He's so explosive. He's the fastest guy on the field. If one guy makes a mistake and you don't have people to cover him up, then he'll make you pay for the mistake. He's a good football player.

Q: Dodge took a lot of the responsibility for what happened in that second game against the Eagles last year.

A: It was everybody. It was me. I felt bad that it got all thrown on Matt, but all 11 guys are out there. We all have a hand in it. It starts with me.

Q: What specifically went wrong with the punt Jackson scored on last year?

A: The snap, the punt, and the coverage. It was very poor tackling. It was a poor punt and the snap didn't help. That's my job to have the snap where it's supposed to be and the punt where it's supposed to be and the coverage where it's supposed to be.

Q: It was all execution? There's nothing that you can do now that you learned from it?

A: No. You try to punt the ball out-of-bounds, but we didn't get that done so you keep fighting.

Q: Fair to say that was the worst 10 to 15 seconds of your coaching career?

A: Easily. You feel like you let the team down. I let the organization down. I let everyone down. You take it hard and it sticks with you and you try to get better.

Q: Is Tynes all the way healthy?

A: He's getting there. He didn't kick for three weeks or maybe close to a month. There's still a process of him getting his leg in shape and everything else.

Q: But the range is close to where you would expect it to be?

A: Yeah.

Q: What have you seen from Jernigan?

A: He'd catch it over his head [in college], but he's gotten a lot better with his catch mechanics. The quality of the punts [in the NFL] is a lot different than from what he was used to seeing. A lot of colleges use the roll-out punt so they knock it on the ground and knock it all around. That was an adjustment. Facing lefties that can really put the ball up there is another adjustment for him. But he's gotten a lot better. He catches them every day after practice and in practice. He's getting a lot more secure with the catch. But we've seen a lot of good things with his running skills afterwards. I think he's got a chance.

Q: Tynes said he was gassed after the warm-ups against the Redskins. Did you expect that?

A: You're worried about it because he came back that week and you get back to a normal work load, trying to work him back slowly. Then on game day they end up kicking quite a bit. They kick a lot into the net. That's where they really get gassed. He's got to control that a little bit.

Q: Is that part of the reason why his kick was low on the field goal attempt.

A: It was just technique. It was just more of technique than a tired leg.

Q: Is that a dead issue now?

A: I think last week he felt really good having four days to work with the Monday night game. It let him kick an extra day, let him recover an extra day. So I think he feels back in the swing of things.

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