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Steve Smith

Q. Your first Pro Bowl, I am sure you heard plenty of stories about what it was like to go to Hawaii, what are your thoughts on playing the Pro Bowl back here in the mainland?

A. I think it is going to be cool. It is exciting to have it in the states on the mainland, like you said. I think it will be fun for Miami and all the players.

Q. Looking back you had done some work with Eli Manning in the offseason. Can you reflect on the effect that had on your season this year?

A. Yeah, I think it was a big help because we were there working together trying to get on the same page, just learning more about it each other so we could play faster this year.

Q. Any regrets that you are not going to Hawaii?

A. No, no regrets. I am grateful to be a part of the Pro Bowl this year. I am disappointed that our season ended and we are not a part of the Super Bowl.

Q. What does it mean to be the first Giants' receiver to make the Pro Bowl since Homer Jones did forty years ago?

A. That is a great honor. I cant believe it has been that long since a Giants' wide receiver has made it. It is pretty cool to have done that given it hasn't been done in such a long time.

Q. Have you gotten any congratulatory calls from your teammates?

A. Yes, I have. A bunch of guys called me, my wide receivers and David Diehl, called and congratulated me. I was excited and happy about that.

Q. What was the feeling of the Super Bowl when you had that important catch on third and 11? Was that the most important catch of your career?

A. I definitely think so because it was such a crucial time in the game and we were just trying to get down there and score. I was really grateful to be on the field as a rookie playing and contributing to a Super Bowl team. That is something that I learned a lot from and will never forget.

Q. When will you head to Miami and what have you been doing since the season ended?

A. I leave tonight on the red-eye. I have been laying low, hanging out with family and friends in California, where I am from.

Q. Is there anyway you can prepare for a game like this?

A. Yeah, work on the things that you worked on before when you were home. Just get on some of the drills and stuff that you like to do that get you ready to work with a quarterback and different guys that don't really know your body language and stuff.

Q. How much time will you have to get on the same page with your quarterbacks?

A. I don't know. Talking to Eli (Manning) about it, he said that they didn't even practice too much; they didn't even stretch for practice. I don't think you are going to get too much work with the quarterbacks. But, it is an all-star game, so you should know what you are doing.

Q. Where do you rank yourself now amongst the top receivers in the NFL?

A. I don't know. I think I need another year or two to do this again to be able to rank myself up there with some of the top receivers in the NFL.

Q. What is the feeling for the Giants to send a receiver for the first time in forty years?

A. I think we are just happy that I made it, but disappointed with how the season ended. You can't really enjoy individual goals like you want to when your team didn't do that well. I am going to use this as a learning experience. I am glad that I was recognized at least as being an alternate, I am grateful, I am going to take this experience and use it with my team next year.

Q. Are you planning on participating fully in the offseason program up here?

A. Yeah, that is what I plan to do.

Q. You said earlier that you found that valuable?

A.  Yeah, it is a crucial time in getting better and improving. When everybody is not watching you can get some real quality work in with your fellow teammates.

Q. Can you comment on the two teams that made the Super Bowl? Are either of those two teams the teams that you thought would get there?

A. Well, I thought the Vikings were going to get there. I said before this game, both of those teams are great teams and we played them. They both looked like explosive offenses. I wasn't surprised with either Minnesota or New Orleans making it. I pretty much thought Indianapolis was going to make it. I thought the Jets did a great job of representing for New York, they had a great season, but I thought Peyton Manning being the MVP was ready to go.

Q. Will it be that much tougher being here in Miami and playing in the Stadium that six days later will host the Super Bowl which was your team's ultimate goal?

A. Yeah, it leaves a bitter taste in your mouth. Maybe it will give me a little more incentive in that game to play harder. It is a little disappointing, but I am still happy to be out there.

Q. Can you give some insight on what Mark Sanchez was like when you guys spent time together at USC?

A. He worked hard. He loved the game. I remember at SC, Sanchez was always excited to play football and happy to be at practice. I used to work out with him in the offseason because he had such a strong arm and he always wanted to practice and put in extra work. He was a guy I would call to work out with. He is showing the whole world why he is such a good player.

Q. Have you taken part in any fundraising efforts for the disaster in Haiti?

A. Yeah, my mom and I donated a lot of clothes and money for the Haiti relief. Just trying to do our part. It is really tragic what happened and hopefully things will get better.

Q. The contract extension you are looking for. Is it a fact that player's approaches change when they are playing for a contract or when they get that contract?

A. I have seen that happen and people talk about that. I have goals. I have a lot of goals in the NFL that I want to accomplish. I think that working hard and doing everything that I have done to get to this point will just make me that much better in the future. I am not worried about the contract, that is for my agent to deal with. I am going to keep working my butt off for the Giants and myself.

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