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T James Brewer Transcript


Q: …you got carted off?
A: That was more of a precautionary measurement. I think it was pretty much normal at first and they wanted to further exam.

Q: Did it frighten you right away? Did you think maybe …
A: No, because I've had sprains and stuff before so I kind of know the symptoms that come with that as it happens. It was just really sore.

Q: So individual drills today?
A: Yeah. It's individual plus, so pretty much if I feel good, I'll do more. If it hurts, then we'll cut it back. Right now, I'm pretty much full-go.

Q: Do you know what the percentage chance is that you will play in the game? If you're not going to, and you're told you can't play, does that hurt you?
A: For the first part, as far as I know, if I do get to go I should be good to go for Saturday. If I can't play, it definitely would hurt just not getting that experience.

Q: We talked a lot about how the rookie class is behind without having the off-season program. How tough has it been these first couple weeks trying to get back into everything off the fly?
A: I think the biggest thing is always just come to play. It's the biggest jump from college to the professional level of learning this game and stuff like that. Physically, I was ready. I had been working out so I was in shape when I got here. The biggest thing is just missing the OTAs and getting the chance to learn the offense before I got in here and having to learn, as you said, on the fly.

Q: How much did you get teased for going off in the cart?
A: No, I mean I caught some flak from some of the guys, but I think they were mostly concerned with if I was ok or not.

Q: Did they take you for x-rays?
A: Yeah.

Q: Did you step wrong?

A: It was during a play. His knee came down my way and just hit really hard.

Q: What is the intensity like as far as being with the coaches and having information thrown at you?
A: At first it's kind of overwhelming, because there is so much that you have to learn and there are so many concepts that you've never heard before. Honestly, I feel--ten days into camp—I feel pretty well. Today we were talking in the locker room about how the number of missed assignments has climbed down drastically from practice one to Monday's practice.

Q: Can you tell that they're scaling things back?
A: No, definitely not. We're getting put into everything. At first, we were putting in what felt like twenty plays a day, I thought. Now it's toned down. For the most part, we have the majority of our plays installed and we focus more on those.

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