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2023 Senior Bowl

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Takeaways from GM Joe Schoen at Senior Bowl


General manager Joe Schoen spoke with media on Wednesday in Mobile, Ala., in the thick of Senior Bowl festivities. He elaborated on scouting procedures in addition to the status of ongoing contract negotiations.

Here's everything you need to know:

🔹 Wednesday marked the second of three practice days for the National and American teams. Both rosters will have 90 more minutes to show off on the field before the main event on Saturday afternoon at Hancock Whitney Stadium.

🔹 In his second year as a general manager, Schoen said it's a whole new world for him and his staff from a year ago. Last year's Senior Bowl was the first time he actually met his college scouts.

🔹 With a complete coaching staff this year, the scouting department and coaching staff are operating as a cohesive unit. "We're all on the same page in terms of what we're looking for, the process moving forward. We've now been through a year cycle and have done everything together for 365 days. And everybody knows the expectations. So, I think we're in much better shape this year."

🔹 Contract negotiations with running back Saquon Barkley are underway and will continue after the Senior Bowl. "With any negotiation, you've just got to move closer. And that's what we'll try to do next week."

🔹 Conversations about a new contract with quarterback Daniel Jones' representatives "haven't started," but Schoen reiterated his desire for Jones to return. "We're working on where we want to start."

🔹 Schoen is divvying up his time at the Senior Bowl by evaluating position groups with respect to its football counterparts. "The good thing is this is Senior Bowl. There's a lot of good players down here. It's a good opportunity to see players compete against others – good-on-good. The team periods are hard when you're watching live. You've just got to focus in on a couple of guys during the day that you're interested in and get a good feel for them."

🔹 Skill players in particular have a learning curve when it comes to transitioning from college to the pros. One of the biggest questions to answer about a prospect is, "How far away are they in terms of their football foundation and knowledge?"

🔹 Schoen praised his scouting department's "process" when it comes to identifying players the coaches should meet.

🔹 Executive Director Jim Nagy recently revamped Senior Bowl procedures, streamlining the interview process. Teams can conduct informal interviews, which do not involve time constraints.

🔹 Formal interviews take place on Monday and Thursday evening, and each team hosts four prospects every 15 minutes. Two prospects meet with the coaching staff, while two others sit down with scouts. "The coaches get the football – 'How smart are they? What do they know?' Our scouts get more of the (background)."

🔹 Between Senior Bowl, Combine and 30 in-house visits, Schoen's goal is to give the head coach "exposure" to each prospect on the draft board.

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