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Q: How do you feel about trying to fill in for Kevin Boss?A: I feel like he's one of the premier tight ends in the league but I feel like I don't have to live up to him or anything like that. I'm just going to go out and do my best and be me.

Q: There are so many hopefuls at tight end right now.  There's no one guy.  What are the dynamics of that room like?A: It's nice. We all know we have a chance and we all know if we come out here and compete and do things right, we could be the guy. And it's exciting that way.  Some people might say they're not but there are some places where you go in and you're fighting for number two but it's a rare opportunity when you can go in and be the guy.

Q: Sometimes you're fighting for number three.A: Yeah or just to be on the roster so it's nice to have it open.  It makes the way for somebody to make a name for himself to be that next Kevin Boss.

Q: How quickly did things come together between you and the Giants? Had they been in touch with you before Ben Patrick retired?A: No. I was just out there on the market, got a call that morning, came out that afternoon and worked out. Thank goodness things went well and here I am.

Q: Where were they when they called you?A: I was sitting at home on my couch in Utah. It's nice to have a chance to fight for a job again.  You forget how rare of an opportunity this is.

Q: When they called you did you get here that day?A: Oh yeah. You know there were a couple connecting flights but they called me and I was on a plane within the next two hours.

Q: Did you have your bags packed?A: Yeah, I don't have exactly all the clothes I would like but I just threw some stuff together and got here.

Q: Did you anticipate playing this season?A: Oh yeah. I definitely don't plan on sitting on the sideline or anything.

Q: When camps opened and you weren't on a roster, is this what you thought would happen?A: I definitely like to stay optimistic and I had a good feeling that something was going to happen. I didn't know when, I didn't know where, but given the opportunity I'm going to come give my all, try to make sure I'm with somebody so thank goodness things are still going right.

Q: Can you bounce around a little bit or are you strictly a tight end.A: I've played fullback for a couple of teams too so I feel like I can move around and play wherever they need me to and I'm willing to do whatever they need to have me do.

Q: So they haven't asked you to play anything else yet?A: No, we're still trying to feel each other out but I'm just trying to do whatever I can to help the team win.

Q: Looking forward to Saturday?A: Oh yeah. I can't wait. With the lockout and everything, you forget how much fun we have playing these games and how lucky we are to do the things that we do so I'm more than excited.

Q: Do you feel like you're up to speed enough considering you haven't been here very long?A: Yeah.  I've been in the league about four years now and it's the way the job is. In the end it's all football.

Q: You were a starter for a while with Cincinnati right?A: I was.

Q: How did that not work out? How did that end?A: A couple injuries at the wrong time and there's always somebody bigger, better, faster coming up. I just happened to fall into one of those circumstances.

Q: So last year when the Bengals drafted Gresham you went to Denver? Is that how it worked out?A: I actually played the first seven games with Cincinnati and then got released and sat for four weeks and then I finished the year with Denver and then I started camp with Denver. Then, in the whole chaos of after-lockout free agency I got released and then here I am.

Q: So is this kind of a fresh start here?A: Yeah, I think it's a breath of fresh air to come in and have a total clean slate to actually come in and be able to fight to be a starter and to really make a big opportunity for myself.

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