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TE Martellus Bennett - 10/25

Q: How much are you looking forward to showing the Cowboys what they're missing out on?
A: I have nothing to show the Cowboys or anything like that. All my emotions are to this organization and to the things that we're trying to build and relationships I'm trying to build with these guys here, so I have nothing to show them. I have nothing to show to anybody else outside this organization and myself.

Q: Talk about the opportunity to put the Cowboys in the rearview mirror. Are you guys relishing that opportunity?A: It's a big opportunity for us to take over the division and that's the number one thing for us trying to create a path for ourselves to get to where we want to be, which the ultimate goal is the Super Bowl. So this is a big step. They're in the way, so we've got to go down there and go through them and make sure we come back with a win.

Q: How is your Giants career going so far?A: I enjoy it. I think there's a lot of room for me to improve. I'm not where I want to be. I'll probably never be the tight end that I want to be because my goals are kind of set high and my standards are high. So it's just a learning process and continuing to grow as a player and be exactly what they need me to be here.

Q: You didn't circle this game on your calendar?A: No. I don't circle any games on my calendar; they're all the same.

Q: Did you see Jerry Jones after the first game this year?
A: Yeah, I did. I'll probably call him later on. His mom passed away and Jerry is a great guy and I just want to reach out to him and send my condolences to him and his family. He was always an awesome person to me, so it was sad to hear. I'll probably give him a call this afternoon.


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