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TE Martellus Bennett


Q: You know Jerry Jones obviously. Is that just him firing up his crowd?**
A: I wasn't there. So, I don't know what he was doing. Yeah, Jerry's a good guy. That's his job, so he's just doing his job.

Q: If you had a dollar for every time you've heard something like that from him, how rich would you be?
A: I don't know. I'm pretty wealthy right now.

Q: How are you doing at camp? How's camp going for you so far, with your first few days out there with the team?
A: Camp's going pretty well. Just getting on the same page. I didn't really get a chance to do a lot during mini-camp, or OTA's with the pulled hamstring. It's been getting on the same page with Eli, getting the chance to go out there and actually run the routes and see the things that he sees, and where he wants me to be. It's just a work in progress. Learning their playbook, and just being the best I can be. Out here competing against the guys, I get to block some great guys, every day. JPP, I got Tuck, I got Osi, so it's three different looks you get all day. Then I get one-on-ones with Antrel and Kenny and everybody else, so I just try and win as many of those one-on-one battles as possible and do my job.

Q: What's it like trying to block JPP?
A: It's kind of like trying to block DeMarcus Ware. I've been fortunate enough to go against some guys like that, to get ready for the games. It's really helped me out a whole lot. JPP is an amazing player, he's a great athlete. Any time you get to go against that, every single play, every single day, it only makes you better.

Q: On the flip side of what Jerry says, do you think about how much you want to beat the Cowboys?
A: I just think about how much better I want to get this year. The whole focus on this camp for me, is just being better, being better. Get better, get better, get better, get better, and come out a little bit sexier than I came.

Q: How long did you practice that speech?
A: That one? Which speech?

Q: The one about you wanting to play them, have fun…
A: I don't really practice any speech. I majored in Communications, and I was one of the few kids in class that didn't need flashcards, or research what I had to talk about. I just went up there, stood in front of the class and I usually ended up with a B, because I didn't do all of the other work that was necessary to get an A. I just gave the speech. I'm a talker, if you haven't noticed.

Q: You joked when you got up there about whether you look fat or not. We were talking to you about in the off-season. You said you wanted to see how, if you could carry that weight, how your conditioning would be. How is it? You're bigger than you were.
A: I'm kind of bigger than I was. I'm more muscular now, than I was in the past. I actually started lifting weights really, really hard. I'm in the best shape I've ever been in. You can ask any of the guys in the camp. I'm stronger than I've ever been, faster than I've ever been, and I can run all day. So, I'm kind of like a unicorn, a black unicorn out there. It's pretty amazing to watch, actually. You go out there, and you see a black guy, running downfield, it's usually me. I feel pretty good out there, so it's been great so far.

Q: It hasn't affected your speed or anything at all?
A: No. I pride myself on getting off the ball as fast as possible. I know the receivers are probably mad at me, because I was like 'look, I'm first! I'm first!' It's just a work in progress.

Q: Can you talk a little about Gilbride?
A: He's cool. He does a great job with putting his players in position to make plays. I love the offense. It's built around where a tight end could really succeed out here. He's just a great guy to be around, a good coach.  He explains everything down to a tee, so you know exactly what's going on, and how to do your job. He's kind of like our Professor Dumbledore.

Q: Chemistry is a big part of any offense. It takes time to develop, that's what training camp is for. How long do you think it'll take for you and Eli to be on the same page?
A: I'm usually able to get along with a lot of people. Eli's a real laid back guy. You can talk to him and just ask him what he wants. Sometimes, like the wife, you know, you never know what she wants. You ask her, and she's like "I don't want chicken." Well, do you want steak? She'll be like, "No, I don't want steak." Eli knows if he wants chicken or steak. So, he helps me out a whole lot. I'll come back to him and he's like, "I didn't like that, I want you to do this." I'll be like, "OK." Then the next time I do it, I do it the way he likes it. I like playing for Eli.



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