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TE Travis Beckum

Travis Beckum

September 5, 2011

Q: Do you think the coaches will adjust to what you do best and move you around?

A: Yes, I think it plays right into my hands and I did a lot of that in college. A lot of times when you move a tight end, you can see what coverage it is and obviously if you have man pre-snap, it is a big clue. Hopefully I can cure that and make mismatches against the defense.  

Q: Were you surprised the Giants didn't pick up a tight end?

A: I didn't worry about that. What happened, I thought would happen. Like I said earlier, I think the coaches are doing a great job of coaching the players and making us great.    

Q: Do you have a sense of how playing time will be shared?

A: I have no idea.

Q: How is your injury?

A: It is good. It is kind of a precautionary thing and we didn't want something so little to become big.

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