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The Beckham Jr. Report: 3 questions with Odell Beckham Jr.


You would be hard-pressed to find a player who generated more buzz this week than rookie wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

Earning the Pepsi Rookie of the Week Award in the process, the Giants' first-round draft choice recorded his third 100-yard game last week and added two more touchdowns to bring his season total to five, which, of course, included one of the best catches you've ever seen. sat down with the rising star for an exclusive interview to discuss that play and much more.

  1. After you made the spectacular catch against Dallas, David Tyree, now the Director of Player Development for the Giants, came up to you on the bench and bowed down, saying the catch entered into the conversation about the best in franchise history. Everyone has been talking about your play, but what do you remember about his from Super Bowl XLII and what conversations have you had with him?**

"I just remember watching the game and I just remember thinking, 'Did he really just catch that?' Because the ball just stuck to his helmet and he's trying to hold onto it. It was pretty memorable.

"I talked to him about [my] catch, and he was saying it was probably one of the best catches he's seen. But still, the moment of his catch being in the Super Bowl, it kind of takes the cake because it was in the Super Bowl and we didn't win our game, either. So it was a fun play, but it's a team game. It's kind of like without Eli [Manning] making the throw, without the O-line even giving Eli time to throw like that, then none of that stuff is possible. I feel people tend to look at the back end of the play and not so much of how it got set up. "

2. The 2014 NFL Draft Class has produced immediately at your position. How would you describe the following rookie wide receivers in one word?

Sammy Watkins (Bills): "Electric."
Mike Evans (Buccaneers): "Big."
Kelvin Benjamin (Panthers): "Huge."
Brandin Cooks (Saints): "Fast."
Jordan Matthews (Eagles): "Brilliant."
Jarvis Landry (Dolphins): "Juice," Beckham said of his former LSU teammate, adding, "He's got the juice."

3. From actors to Pulitzer Prize-winners and stars from other sports, all corners of the social media world chimed in about your catch after it was made last Sunday night. Who made you go "wow" after seeing it?


"LeBron James, just because that's my favorite athlete. I look up to him as an athlete to an athlete. So to hear from him was just great. I didn't really see all the other ones. I just kind of saw that one, and it kind of just was like, 'yeah.'"

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