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Tom Coughlin on Dolphins


Opening Remarks

Good morning. We are back into action talking about the Miami Dolphins. My thought on them is that the Dolphins have played hard. There are a couple reasons why they would tell you they are where they are. They are minus-7 in turnovers and they have given up 22 sacks. They are a clean team in terms of penalties. They are not a penalized team in that respect. In my opinion, they have been in every game. If you go back to the New England game, they had Henne at quarterback and it was 31-17 and fourth and goal at the one. They get stopped and the next play is the 99-yarder. If you go to the Houston Texans game, you can see the same thing. They are in the fourth quarter and it is a close ball game. It was 23-16 in the fourth quarter and you can go right on down the line. In Cleveland, the team scores late in the game and they win. In San Diego it is 20-13 in the ballgame and last weekend with 2:44 to go, they were ahead 15-0 … their hands team doesn't get the on-sides kick and they give the other team another opportunity. When you look at their team, they have a veteran defensive football team. They have brought in a lot of people and have had different changes in different positions there. They run the ball for 112 yards a game and their opponents 119. You can look, pick and so on and so forth. They have lost their quarterback, so now it is Matt Moore. He has had a couple games under his belt. 'Respect all and fear none' is the approach we take. What we are trying to do is be concerned with our team and making sure that our team plays and takes our execution to another level. We want to eliminate any lull in our play and continue the concept of not turning the ball over.

Q: How is Brandon Jacobs?

A: They will practice.

Q: Does not winning any games do something to a team's mindset?

A: Sure it does, but it only takes one spark and whether it was last weekend and if they would have won last weekend at home. They are a good road team. If you look at their record last year, they are a good road team. Even if you look at the game that I left out against the Jets, they had opportunities that they didn't take advantage of. They could have very well had 10 points in that first quarter or maybe 14. They haven't taken advantage of a lot of opportunities. They have very few takeaways. They only have two fumble recoveries and two interceptions. They have no starter in their secondary with an interception and not a lot of big plays.  

Q: Did Corey Webster feel a responsibility to step up his game when Terrell Thomas went down for the year, and how has he done covering the other team's best receiver every week?

A: I think he's looked forward to every opportunity and every challenge. I think he's focused on each outstanding player that he's gone against. He's studied them. He's worked hard at it. He looks forward to the challenge and to this point, he's done a good job of it.

* *

Q: Do you think Terrell Thomas being injured has any influence on that?

A: I think Corey's Corey. Whether that is or isn't [the reason], I wouldn't be able to answer that.

* *

Q: What do you think about the Dolphins' approach against the Jets? Seemed like they went after Revis? Did that surprise you?

A: It surprised me when [Revis] picked a 100-yarder off. That wasn't a good idea. How they go about their business, that's their business. That's not for me to say. Taking Bush and flanking him out and doing all of those kinds of things, of course, they've seen that before and I'm sure that's what they had in mind when they brought him there.

* *

Q: They had seven sacks last weekend, 15 on the year. What was different?

A: Wake is a good pass rusher with five sacks. Of course Taylor historically is physical. Dansby is physical at the mike backer. Their safeties – Bell coming out of the secondary, he is a very physical player. They'll look to get Jones back and have two physical players in that safety spot. They were successful in getting there for any number of reasons. Of course it's a first time start for a young quarterback. You know they're coming. That's just the nature of the game.

* *

Q: How important is it to get off to a quick start against the Dolphins?

A: I think it's always important to start fast. Your questions will come after a bye week and so-on and so-forth – how are you going to be? We'd like to think that our execution will pick right up where it left off a week ago.

* *

Q: How are Ramses Barden and the injured players who practiced Monday?

A: Ramses is fine. He practiced. They're all practicing.

* *

Q: How did they did they respond to Monday?

A: Did a pretty good job.

* *

Q: Is Hynoski practicing?

A: He's going to be out there, but he's the one guy that I'm not sure how much he's going to get.

* *

Q: Every team has outstanding players. What's the difference between an 0-7 team and a 6-1 team?

A: Very small margins. Very small margins.

* *

Q: Can you define it?

A: I could define it if we had an hour, but I think the basic thing is who's making the plays and who's not making the plays. Who's taking advantage of it.

* *

Q: Did you remind the guys of the game Matt Moore had here a couple of years ago when he was with Carolina?

A: I did.

Q: Did you mention how accurate he was?

A: How successful he was.

Q: What have you seen out of Daniel Thomas? Seems like a powerful running back.

A: Yes, he is, and he's coming along. He is a good runner and they're using him more and more in that combination, a tough combination.

Q: Teams are 3-9 after the bye this year. Anything to do with the mandatory four days off?

A: Probably too early to pass judgment on that. There are a lot of teams that work earlier in the week – once, twice and give [the players] a sizable break. I don't know that even though it's mandatory it hasn't been done in the past, depending on where the bye falls. You'd have to wait and see, maybe not even this year, maybe another year under our belt as everybody gets used to the new system.

Q: Is there a good time for the bye?

A: Yeah, right in the middle. Usually it's right [around] there (after eight games).

Q: How happy are you with Stacy Andrews helping out the power run game? A: He's had that job for quite a while. He was taking real pride in that. Hopefully we're making some progress along those lines.

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