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Top-Five Plays of 2013: No. 4

The Play: **On the final snap of the third quarter in the Giants' 2013 finale against the Redskins, wide receiver Jerrel Jernigan took an end-around up the left side of the field for a 49-yard touchdown. The play extended Big Blue's lead to two scores en route to a 20-6 victory over their NFC East rival.


The Setup: The Giants load the right side with two tight ends inside of Jernigan, who is lined up in between the numbers and hash marks.


The Snap: Tight end Bear Pascoe leads the way to the left before quarterback Curtis Painter fakes the handoff to running back Peyton Hillis, sucking up Washington's front seven in the process. Meanwhile, Jernigan reverses the field and takes the ball eight yards behind the line of scrimmage.


The Containment: The Giants wall off the defenders as they try to recover from the fake.


The Vision: Assessing his blocking as he gets to the second level, Jernigan cuts back on the numbers and turns vertical.


The Escape: This is where Jernigan's athleticism takes over as he gets small and eludes a few arm tackles from a swarm of defenders.


The Payoff: With a little help from wide receiver Louis Murphy sealing the final defender, Jernigan turns the first down into a 49-yard rushing touchdown down the left sideline. It turned out to be the Giants' longest run from scrimmage in the 2013 season.


The Postgame: "It wasn't like we drew it up because the end didn't pinch at all," Jernigan said. "He widened out so I just saw the cutback lane and I cut back. Bear Pascoe and Louis Murphy made some great blocks out there and I just hit it and went."

The Coach's Take: "We were really trying to get the ball to him in that fashion in the second half in the run and it gave us the opportunity," Tom Coughlin said. "He had a lot of yards for two runs, one of which was obviously a score. He played very well and he responded to the circumstances toward the end of the year. His play time increased and he responded very well to it and I was happy for him. The way he played – he's a tough guy and we saw that down the stretch."

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