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*Coach Tom Coughlin opened his news conference by offering his condolences to the family of Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid, whose son Garrett was found dead yesterday at the team's training site at Lehigh University.

"I will just start out today by acknowledging the fact that yesterday was a very sad day for all of us in the NFL family," Coughlin said. "Our condolences, our deepest sympathies, go out to Andy and Tammy Reid and their family at the terrible, terrible loss of their son."

*Coughlin then delivered more sad news: The mother of Giants' defensive assistant Al Holcomb passed away yesterday. Holcomb has been on Coughlin's staff since 2009.

*Linebackers Michael Boley (hamstring) and Chase Blackburn (thigh) and tackle James Brewer (back) returned to practice.

Linebackers Jacquian Williams (hip) and Jake Muasau (hamstring), defensive end Justin Trattou (ankle) and tackle Will Beatty (back) joined Amukamara on the sideline.

*Beatty had his back examined by team doctors last week.

"Beatty is here and, to be honest with you, the news that I got from down below is good," Coughlin said. "He does have some sciatic nerve issues, so they're trying to eliminate that. When they do eliminate that they think the guy can go and when he goes they don't think he'll have any repercussions. That's why right at this point in time they're being very cautious because of the sciatica. They're trying to get that completely out of the equation. It's tough to get rid of that part. I'm hoping that they can control it. He is on some type of medication."

*Nine-year veteran and first-year Giant Sean Locklear has been taking the first-team snaps at left tackle for Beatty.

Asked how Locklear has performed, Coughlin said, "Off and on. He's been in the league for a while, so I'm hoping that he can just pick it up and go from there. I think there have been some good and some bad, to be honest with you. Hopefully as we go forward there will be more good than bad."

*Defensive end Justin Trattou, who sprained his ankle early in camp, is out of his walking boot but has not been cleared to practice.

"It feels good," Trattou said. "It was definitely decently jammed up, but now that I'm walking around I'm starting to get the blood flowing back in there. Now I've just got to get it stronger so I can go back out there and run full speed. I'm going to meet with the doctor later this week to get an update and go from there."

Trattou played in six games last year as a rookie free agent. Now he has to make up ground as he attempts to keep his roster spot.

"I was fortunate enough to get hurt really early so I'll still have a decent amount of time left at camp," he said. "But the pressure's on and the clock is ticking so I'm going to get back out there as soon as I can."

  • Today's attendance was 2,200, raising the camp total to 22,999.



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