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*Osi Umenyiora made the other big defensive play in practice, picking off an Eli Manning screen pass and returning it for an easy touchdown.

"Really good," Coughlin said of the play. "Really great hands. I thought we had beat him with that screen a few times this preseason, and I thought he had been suckered in again. He was a long way down the line of scrimmage, and then he turned around and recovered, and made a really nice catch on the ball.  He ran the length of the field, then we put him right back in on the next play, and he was like. 'Oh darn!'"

Umenyiora admitted he had been fooled a couple of times and wasn't going to let it happen again.

"This one time, I just felt something was wrong," Umenyiora said. "The running back (D.J. Ware) didn't block me and I was like, 'There's no way there's going to be a running back to block me.' So I just stopped and they threw it back and I was there. Something just told me to run back. I just started running back and it was right there. I guess Eli saw me run forward and he didn't see me running back."

Umenyiora said his success on the play resulted from an attribute that can't be taught.

"It's experience," he said. "Nothing other than that and knowing that, for the most part, they're not going to leave a running back on a pass rushing defensive end. They're not going to do that. When I felt that, I just stopped and ran back.

"That was fun. It's exciting anytime you get a play. Me and Coach Gilbride (Kevin, the offensive coordinator), we have our own thing going on. When I don't have a good day at practice, he lets me hear about it. When I have a good day, I let him hear about it. So we have our own side note going on. Today was one of those days I got him."

*For the second day in a row, the Giants spent the bulk of practice working on game situations…Prince Amukamara returned to practice after missing a day and knocked down a long Manning pass for Jernigan…Ramses Barden made several fine catches…In the two-minute drill, Victor Cruz and Martellus Bennett were both open in the end zone. Cruz snatched the ball as Bennett went to catch it.

*Tackles Will Beatty (back) and James Brewer (back), linebacker Jacquian Williams (hip), defensive end Justin Trattou (ankle), linebacker Jake Muasau (hamstring) and running back Da'Rel Scott (thigh contusion) missed practice. Scott had earlier missed time with an ankle injury.  "It's his second injury," Coughlin said. "That doesn't help."

*Today's attendance was 2380.


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