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Travel Log: Giants and Jets meet at MetLife Stadium


For every road game this season, will catch up with a member of the team for a travel Q&A. This week, we get to know fullback Shane Smith:

Who do you room with?

SHANE SMITH: Calvin Munson. We've been roommates all last year and this year.

What do you guys usually do on road trips?

SHANE SMITH: Honestly we just watch Netflix. We watch some movies. We go to bed pretty early so luckily I got roomed with someone who wants to go to bed early. Nothing crazy, we don't play video games a bunch or anything.

Is there a go-to meal when you go on the road?

SHANE SMITH: On the road, no. Whatever the hotel provides. We normally have something delivered if we're hungry, but whatever is in the area.

What's the longest flight that you've been on?

SHANE SMITH: Longest one was probably back home to San Francisco last year or Oakland. Yeah, that's got to be the longest one.

On the plane what do you usually do?

SHANE SMITH: Luckily we got a nice little United airplane that has TVs and the headrest so we got free movies. I'll bring my tablet if I'm downloading movies or on the way back I'll try to sleep.

When you go on the road, do you get a chance to go out and explore the town?

SHANE SMITH: Honestly no. Maybe you get with your position group and go out to dinner the night before because they normally give us that night off when we're traveling. Other than that, not really. We don't get much time.

You guys are technically away for the New York Jets game. Does it feel like an away game or more like a home game?

SHANE SMITH: It is what it is. It still feels like a home game for us because we don't got to go anywhere. But we'll be wearing white jerseys.

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