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Travel Log: Giants head to Carolina

For every road game this season, will catch up with a member of the team for a travel Q&A. This week, we got to catch up with linebacker Kareem Martin:

What are your must haves in your carry-on?

Kareem Martin: I got to have my portable charger and I got to have my air pods. Two things – iPad, of course, that's always necessary. Those two things. Got to keep my phone charged and I got to have my air pods. Without the air pods it's no go.

What do you like to do on the plane?

Kareem Martin: Get up there, settle myself in, eat the meal we got, and I stay awake like for some reason I can't stay awake on planes so I make sure I stay awake long enough to feel the plane go in the air and as soon as it goes in the air, put on some music and I'm out like a light for as long as the flight is.

Do you like to sit with someone or alone on the plane?

Kareem Martin: How it is me and Ray-Ray (Armstrong) we sit beside each other. He's been good company. Said he had to climb over me one night because I was sleeping so hard and he had to use the bathroom so we have to work that out going forward this year.

What's the longest flight you've ever been on?

Kareem Martin: We went to London and it was from Arizona and it was like 9-10 hours, maybe. You got to get to the east coast then you got to get over there so it was a tough ordeal.

When you get to the hotel, who do you room with?

Kareem Martin: I got my own room. Vet perks, you know.

When you get to the hotel, what's your routine? What do you do?

Kareem Martin: Depending on where we're at, if I know people there, hurry up and get changed out of the suit and if I know people in town I'm going to grab dinner with them. If I don't know anybody I text some teammates, see if anyone wants to grab dinner. Just kind of get your mind away, see a little bit of the city, get a restaurant just right before the meetings which is pretty cool.

Now you're playing the Carolina Panthers. You lived in North Carolina, you played at UNC. What's this like going back to your home state?

Kareem Martin: It's fun. I've been there a couple of times before, but it's always good to be able to go and play. I got to get my family members there, but I just know in the crowd theres people I went to school with, people I probably grew up with so like I just can kind of feel the energy knowing that people are texting me 'hey I'm coming to the game, hope you play well.' Always good to go and play in front of people you actually know.

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