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Travel Log: Safety Julian Love on traveling with the team


For every road game this season, will catch up with a member of the team for a travel Q&A. For this week's game in Washington, we talked with rookie safety Julian Love.

Q: What do you normally bring with you on road trips?
A: I'll bring my noise-cancelling headphones, definitely my phone, always have that on me, and I'll bring my tablet to watch some movies from my library.

Q: What do you like to do on the trip?
A: I listen to music for a little bit, but I like to watch a movie. I'll watch a different movie every time, some good stuff.

Q: Who do you sit next to when traveling for an away game?
A: I think every trip I've sat next to Cody Core so far. He's a good companion. Most of the time, I'm asleep or he's asleep, so it works.

Q: What do you like to do when you get to the team hotel?
A: I immediately unpack, change and search for good food in the area. Some unique food. I'll either do that or check out room service, and then basically just hang out and chill until it's time for meetings.

Q: What has been your favorite city to travel to for an away game this year?
A: Chicago was pretty great because I got to see all my family. I had a nice dinner that night when I got into town. But in Dallas, I went to a very good restaurant. I had a very good dessert when we traveled there. In Philly, I went to a good Italian restaurant with my parents because they were there. That was pretty cool. I like to find different spots, but yeah, Chicago was pretty special.

Q: What city are you most looking forward to traveling to in your career?
A: I was excited to travel to the Boston area, Foxboro, and I got the chance this year a few times. I was excited for that coming into the league just because I had never been out there before. I've been to a lot of places, but never out that far northeast really.

Q: Have you been to Washington D.C. before?
A: Yes. I had some school trips when we were young, and then a lot of rookies went a couple months ago. That'll be a cool trip.

Q: What are you most looking forward to on the field this Sunday?
A: Just getting a chance to build on what we've been building on, especially with all of the young guys we have in the secondary. I'm excited to see us grow into a dominant unit. It'll be another battle, a division battle, so it really means something to us.

The New York Giants make their way to Washington for their Week 16 game against the Redskins


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