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Tuck Talks Giants


He said as much today on Ian O'Connor's 1050 ESPN podcast, reacting to newly-acquired backup quarterback Vince Young and his "Dream Team" declaration.

"I mean I don't care. Honestly, there's only been one Dream Team and that team was led by Michael Jordan in Barcelona," Tuck told O'Connor. "They can say what they want to say. Like you said, it's only one guy so we're not really getting into it. We only can control what we can control. The Eagles made some great moves to get some great players on their football team. But we got some great players on our team too. This camp is going to be very crucial for us as far as getting back into rhythm, knocking this rust off and hopefully we can get back playing the type of football we know we're capable of playing."

Tuck also weighed in on Plaxico Burress, who he lobbied to become a Giant.

"It's disappointing, but for Plaxico, I'm sure it's a great opportunity for him to get back to playing football," Tuck said. "I've always said in this whole situation, I definitely wanted what's best for him. Obviously you want a guy like that on your football team, but you're also glad he's getting another shot, a second chance at doing what he loves to do."

Tuck said he did talk to Burress a couple times, but it was more of a "see how he was doing" nature as opposed to a recruiting call.

As for the state of the Giants, Tuck will wait and see how the season unfolds. 

"No one really gave us a shot the year we won the Super Bowl. We like this situation, we really do. We feed off it, and I think we play better when we're backed in a corner. We like kind of being under the radar," Tuck said. "We'll see what happens this year."

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