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Quotes: QB Tyrod Taylor on joining Giants QB room

Quarterback Tyrod Taylor

Q: What have they told you to expect for your role coming into this team?

A: To come in, work, push each day to get better, compete and do whatever it takes to help this team achieve the goals that we set. 

Q: How do you view it? Do you view it as you're coming in to compete for the starting job or are you the backup?

A: I view it as coming in, obviously, learning the offense, pushing the guys in the room, and just going out and putting my best foot forward each day. My process since I've been drafted in 2011 has been to prepare as the starter. Obviously, at the quarterback position you never know when your number is called. You want to be able to go in and play at a high level. So, that's my focus. I'll continue to keep working as we get back in the swing of things in April. 

Q: Did you have any kind of relationship with (General Manager) Joe Schoen from your time in Buffalo? I know he was the Assistant GM and not the GM. But did you have any kind of relationship with him and is that something that was able to make this more comfortable? How did that go?

A: We definitely talked with each other the year we spent together in Buffalo. I wouldn't say it was a strong relationship or bond, but we're definitely familiar with one another just the way that we go about our business each and every day. The opportunity presented itself for me to come here, I'm thankful for it, thankful for them, their trust in me to bring me here. I'm looking forward to getting to work. 

Q: Can you give us an idea of what your market was like? Did you have other opportunities that you were weighing against this one? Was this the first one, take it, jump on it?

A: There were other opportunities, but there's no need to talk about those now in my opinion. I'm just glad to be a Giant. Like I said, thankful for the opportunity and looking forward to getting to work. 

Q: Did you know (Quarterback) Daniel (Jones) before this and have you spoken to him since?

A: I did not know Daniel. Yes, we texted yesterday actually, back and forth. I'm looking forward to working alongside him. Looking forward to us pushing each other, just helping the quarterback room be the best they can be so this team can be the best they can be. 

Q: What do you think about his game from afar?

A: Very talented. Obviously, we've seen him make a lot of throws, he can escape the pocket, does a good job of leading as well too. I've never met him in person, just watched him from afar. I've been impressed. Like I said, looking forward to working with him.

Q: Why did you choose the Giants ultimately?

A: I think it was just a great fit to be able to come in, obviously, like I said, learn from a bunch of offensive-minded guys in (Head Coach Brian Daboll) Coach Dabs, (Quarterbacks Coach) Shea (Tierney), as well as (Offensive Coordinator Mike) Kafka. As well as just the team. The talent on the team. Just thought it was a great fit for me and where I'm at in my career. An opportunity, like I said, to come in and continue to progress as I'm going into year 12 and offer this team whatever I can to help them win. 

Q: You've proven you can start in this league, right? So, I would think if you had a lot of opportunities in free agency that you would choose a place where you thought you'd have a chance to play at some point and not just be a backup. I guess what I'm asking you is, did you see a chance to start here at some point possibly, and was that a factor in choosing the Giants?

A: There is no crystal ball, obviously, you never know what the future holds. You have to pick what makes the most sense for you in that time and I think choosing to come here made the most sense for me in that time and for this stage of my career. Obviously, Daniel has played a number of snaps here and has played well. Like I said, I've watched him. So, to come in and to think that "Oh, this is an opportunity to start," that's not necessarily a weighing factor. It's more so what makes the most sense. Obviously, coming in and staying ready for the opportunity if it does present itself, but I didn't weigh that in, because like I said, you don't have a crystal ball. 

Q: You mentioned your journey. You've been in situations before where you're not necessarily the clear-cut guy for a long period of time, especially the last couple of years. You've gone into a competition where you worked with another quarterback and pushed each other, young guys, veterans, what is it about your game or your personality that allows you to fit in that kind of role?

A: I think because I, obviously you put the team first, but the outside noise I never let affect me. I've been a big believer of control what you can control. Each day you walk into the building you control your attitude, your effort, and how you go about your business. I think that helps you be able to work in any type of situation. If you're confident in yourself, confident in your ability to go out and perform, but also a great teammate, I think that you're able to maneuver through what most people would think are tough situations or tough circumstances, in a matter where it doesn't affect you.  

Q: Is there a difference when you're in a room with maybe a rookie or high drafted rookie versus a guy like Daniel who has been in this league now for a couple of years? Or do you kind of take the same approach?

A: I take the same approach. Like I've said, I've been around guys that will be in the Hall of Fame, (Former NFL Quarterback) Philip Rivers, potentially, (Quarterback Joe) Flacco, and I've been around number one overall picks and guys that were drafted high. Just having the mindset of coming in, being about your work, and challenging yourself to be better each and every day has worked for me, and I'll continue to keep that mindset and that work ethic.

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