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United Travel Log: Giants head to San Francisco


For every road game this season, will catch up with members of the team for a travel Q&A. This week, get to know defensive linemates Jay Bromley, Avery Moss, Romeo Okwara's travel habits:

Q: What are the must haves in your carry-on bag when you're flying?

Avery Moss: Hot Cheetos, definitely hot Cheetos.

Romeo Okwara: My camera.

Jay Bromley: Lavaderm.

Q: What's that?

Bromley: It's an ointment, just a feel-good ointment

Q: What do you use it for?

Bromley: You can use it for anything. Lotion up, tattoos, your lips if you got a little crack. 

Q: What do you guys like to do on the plane?

Moss: Sleep

Okwara: Watch movies. Actually music.

Q: What's your favorite song?

Okwara: Some John Mayer to calm me down  

Bromley: I'm a fan of my man Meek Mill.

Moss: I just have to catch up on my Netflix series.* *

Q: What are you watching right now?

Moss: Everything. Stranger Things, Big Mouth.

Bromley: My man does like Big Mouth.

Q: You can watch more than one show at once?

Moss: Yeah you just go on Netflix and just download everything to your phone so for the plane ride and the trip you just good.

Q: Who's your favorite teammate to sit next to on the plane?

Okwara: I don't sit next to anyone.

Moss: I sit next to Dalvin (Tomlinson) * *

Q: How's that?

Moss: We're always clowning people so it's fun.

Bromley: Yeah those two are like two peas in a pod.

Q: What do they do? Pull pranks?

Bromley: Yeah, they're like a younger me and Kerry Wynn.

Okwara: So Jay is probably Avery and Kerry is Dalvin.

Q: Who's your least favorite person to sit next to?

Okwara: Definitely Avery.

Bromley: Hands down Romeo.

Moss: I think Romeo probably does some weird stuff on the plane so I'd say Romeo.

Bromley: Yeah he'd probably take a picture of you in your sleep and then make it into a masterpiece. He's that kind of guy.

Q: What's the longest flight you've ever been on?

Bromley: Romeo's been around the world, he's probably got one.

Moss: He's been everywhere.

Okwara: 12 hours? 13? Either Hong Kong or Nigeria from Chicago.

Q: What was the occasion?

Okwara: Just travel.

Q: What's your routine when you get to the hotel?

Okwara: Drop everything, usually change, and get some dinner with some teammates.

Moss: I think that's the routine for all of us.

Q: Where do you guys go? Fast food place? Sit down dinner?

Bromley: The best steakhouse in the city. Let us know what San Francisco's got.

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