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Victor Cruz on Falcons Matchup


Q: What do you know and have seen from the Atlanta Falcons this season?

A: I haven't watched much of them and I am going to go home and pop some film in and get a good feel for them. I know that they have given up some yardage in the passing game and stuff like that. We know their explosive offense and we have to come in ready to play.Q: What have teams done differently to you now that they didn't do at the start of the season?

A: I think it is just having some more people in my face. There was a few times this Cowboys game where DeMarcus Ware would come out in coverage and get a hand on me to try to throw me off of my route. It is a little bit of that and some double coverage here and there but not too much. They are just trying to send some different looks my way.Q: What is the idea in this locker room and is it to win the Super Bowl?

A: That has to be the goal because you play this game to win the Super Bowl. The first step is obviously winning the division and the second step is getting into the playoffs and we have done that so far. I feel like we are hitting our stride at the perfect time and we should be able to make a run for it.Q: How much will you rely on the veterans in the playoffs?

A: We have to rely on them and understand that these guys have been around and have played in a few playoff games, some guys played in and won a Super Bowl so just having those guys around to speak to and understand what the atmosphere is going to be like, what you are facing, and understand what it is going to be like as opposed to not knowing. I am definitely going to be in those guys' ears this week.Q: Has Eli talked about '07 and what that experience was like?

A: Not really, no. We hear about it here and there and Coach Coughlin talks about it here and there but it is a new year and another start, another playoffs and that is what we are focused on right now.

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