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*Giants head coach and players react following the team's matchup vs. the Browns: *

Head Coach Ben McAdoo:

Opening statement:

"It's good to come in here and get a win. I give Cleveland credit. They played a tremendous game and played their tail off. It's tough to win in this league, especially on the road. We haven't been on the road in a while so it was nice to get a win. We'll enjoy this one, we'll learn from it, and we have to get better next week."

On if the penalties were worrisome:

"We were tied for first in the league for least amount of penalties coming into this game. Today, 100 yards with penalties isn't good enough."

On how it feels having won six straight games:

"We have to get better. We believe we're going to win and find a way to get the game in our favor in the end. We need to get better as the season goes on."

On Giants DE Jason Pierre-Paul's performance:

"Tremendous effort, hats off. He played with tremendous effort and physicality. He was all over the field, and to come up with a fumble and run it back. Great effort."

On the reason for the offensive struggles:

"Too many penalties for one thing. The type of game it was, I thought there were some moments where we ran the ball well, but were inconsistent there. At times pass protection was good, at times it wasn't. The way they were playing coverage, we needed a little time to beat it. We had some opportunities to make some big plays and we didn't make them. Inconsistency and penalties."

On the decision to stop playing the two tight ends in the backfield:

"We were in the ballgame, we thought we could spread them out. In the next series we went down and scored, and then we had four minutes after that. We feel we have some good players in that personnel group."

On Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr.'s performance:

"They change it up a little bit. They just don't always play a man to him, even when they cap him over the top of the play zone. Sometimes the shallow crosses aren't always great. You just have to give the quarterback clean progressions, give him a starting point, and make sure you have a good plan for Odell going in with a chance to give him some touchdowns. We always have big thoughts on getting the ball early, middle, and late. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't. You can't force it. We have a bunch of guys, Odell included, that are going through some things right now."

On the decision to play Giants WR Dwayne Harris:

"He was just part of the rotation there. He's been nicked up but he was a part of the rotation on that. (Giants WR) Dwayne (Harris) is fighting through some things. We wouldn't say he got demoted on offense. Each week is a new week."

On the decision to run the ball on third-and-12 in the third quarter:

"It's no reflection on whether I trust or don't trust the offense. It's more that I like the way our defense is playing. I thought we may have the chance to pop one there and it didn't work out."

On Beckham's punt return:

"It was electric. When he has the opportunity to get his hands on the ball he's sure-handed back there. He's electric with the ball in his hands."

On injuries from today:

"We had a bunch of guys who were fighting through some things right now. We're just rolling players in there and getting everybody a taste. The guys are fighting through these games."

On Giants QB Eli Manning's performance:

"I thought he hung in there. The last touchdown drive was an excellent drive for him. He took some shots, but his feet stayed sharp."

On the win:

"We're going to go look at the film and learn from it, then we're going to move on to the next opponent."

On Giants CB Eli Apple's performance:

"I thought he had some good moments, but I'm going to have to check the tape. They looked at his play upstairs, I called a time out to give them a little more time to take a look at it, but they felt that his heel was out of bounds. They thought maybe he got his toe down, but then his heel came down later in a two-part move. You could get an opportunity to get the ball there, but it didn't work out."

CB Eli Apple

On the long pass to Browns WR Terrell Pryor:

"We called a quarters-like defense and we usually don't have any help over the middle because they sucked in our safeties with the play-action. He gave me a little shoulder fake, and he's a big guy. It's something you learn from and watch film and try to prevent from happening again."

WR Odell Beckham Jr.

On the Giants mindset in the second half:

"Just got to win. Got to score. We found a way to get in the end zone one more time. The defense helped us out. JPP (Giants DL Jason Pierre-Paul) took one back and that was great to see but just need to find ways to finish the game on the field, on offense. Again, we had a two minute drive. We had an opportunity to not put the defense back on the field and it's something that we have to work on. That's going to be effective down the road. Just finding ways to close them out."

On winning an "ugly" game:

"Whatever it is, a win is a win. We have to find ways to not put the defense back on the field. Close these games out ourselves and take steps as an offense. I don't think we took a step back today, but I definitely think we could have taken a bigger step forward. We got time. A couple more games left and now it's time to progress this week."

On getting involved early in the game:

"You know you're getting an opportunity to make plays. You're getting an opportunity to catch balls and we did it early. It gives you confidence as a receiver to get involved early. I feel like it puts me in a position to cause trouble for the rest of the game. Knowing confidently that the ball is going your way, you're getting targets, and you're getting good plays. We're running an effective offense. The biggest thing is finding ways to close the game out on our own."

WR Dwayne Harris

On playing injured:

"You're trying to keep getting hit at a minimum. We came in and had a play that was already designed. A decoy play for me to come in, and then I stayed in and I caught a touchdown pass."

On if he knew the touchdown pass was going to him:

"Yeah, (Giants QB) Eli (Manning) audibled out of it. He told me to run a fly. I figure it would come to me. If not, I was just a decoy. It felt good. It's not my first touchdown, but it felt good though."

On not returning to the game:

"I didn't return today because I am banged up. Wrist, finger, toe, whatever you can name I'm probably banged up on. They were just trying to keep the hits off to a minimum, so that's why I didn't return today."

CB Janoris Jenkins

On the defense improving week after week:

"We are improving week in and week out, and it's always going to be a defensive mindset in our game plan because everyone is coming to play against us. We have to continue to do what we do on the back end defensive-wise."

RB Rashad Jennings

On the Browns youth on defense:

"They got the young boy (DL Carl) Nassib coming off the edge. He was really disruptive and they have somebody stout and strong in #55 (DT Danny Shelton). Obviously you bring over someone special like (LB) Jamie Collins (Sr.) they have a good team. Things haven't been going how they want, but kid you not, they have a solid team over there and they are going to find ways to put it all together."

On the early offensive struggles:

"It was frustrating, and we didn't close the game how we wanted to either. Our entire team found ways to play strong enough to put us in a position to win. It was a hard fought game against a good team, and if you throw their record out, that's a solid unit out there."

On the road victory:

"For us, victories on the road are hard to get, especially at this time of year and we humbly take it, and we want to go back to the film room and see what we can do to get ready for the next one."

QB Eli Manning:

On Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr.'s final touchdown:

"We needed that last drive. Their defense played outstanding all day. They had a good plan for us, to slow us down. (Giants WR) Odell (Beckham Jr.) had a couple opportunities that we missed on. We didn't drive the ball very well today. We had a couple of big plays, and that's what we needed. We tried a couple opportunities to get some. On that play, they had a little momentum going and we hit a couple of big plays. We hit Odell down the middle and we hit the reverse for the touchdown. It was big time to step up in the moment to put the game out of reach."

On getting Beckham Jr. involved in the first quarter:

"We always have plays to try to get him the ball. It didn't go his way. A lot of it depends on the coverage and what's going on. He's a playmaker and good things happen when the ball ends up in his hands. A good example is during the punt return. Good things tend to happen. We have to find ways to keep him in the game. Teams obviously game plan to try to slow him down and prevent catches.  We have to take advantage and be creative in trying to get him the ball."

On not connecting with Beckham Jr. early in the game:

"It was a bad throw. It was on a go-route down the middle. I had another one that was down the sideline. Down the middle, he was just a little quicker than I thought to get into that route. It was a little double move and I just wasn't quite ready. Besides that, we got him the ball a few times and made some plays."

On showing frustration on the sideline:

"It was tough. It was tough to move the ball consistently. They had a good plan for us. They showed a lot of the same looks. It was tough to make plays. We had some opportunities to make some.  We just have to come up with them. It was just one of those days where their giving us some shots down field and we have got to hit. We got a couple of them. We have to hit more of those. We have to be able to find completions, be able to run the ball consistently, and move the ball a little better than we did today."

On the Giants wide receivers:

"(Giants WR) Dwayne Harris has come in and made plays for us and made a lot of plays last year. We are bringing him in for special situations. We brought him in for the bootleg and we try to sell run when he gets in there. He stayed in and did a good job knowing the play and knowing what to do. Coverage was my first read and he did a good job making a play."

On offensive struggles:

"It's just about finding ways to win. We're striking. We're hitting some big plays. We're not just dinking and dunking and having the long drives like you want to sometimes. We have to keep taking shots. Teams are going to give us certain things. They are going to try to take away Odell. They are going to try to take away some of our passing game. We just have to stay with it and keep making some of those big plays."

On if the offense was frustrated at times:

"Yeah, I think so. Not being satisfied. Obviously we are happy about the win and celebrate the win. Thrilled about that is the most important thing, but we know as an offense there were too many three and outs. There was too many times where we're just not getting anything going. We have to be able to sustain more drives and be better on third down. We have to get into a rhythm and flow, and move the ball consistently. It's too up and down. We're still scoring some points and hitting some big plays. We have to continue to do that but just be a little more consistent."

On fourth quarter scoring:

"Sometimes it takes time to figure out what a defense is doing and adjust. Hopefully then, you get the perfect plays called. Also, I think the fourth quarter can put a little pressure on the defense. The offense puts a little emphasis on the scoring and the defense thinks they have to stop them. Sometimes that can put a little pressure on the defense and you can break them and make some plays on them."

On the upcoming schedule:

"You always have to play better. You have to make improvements. Offensively, no doubt we have to be sharper and more consistent. Too many drives were three and outs. The defense was on the field too long. They're doing a great job, but we have to do our part."

On nerves at halftime:

"I don't think there were any (nerves) at the half. We knew it was going to be a tough game. They played well defensively. They've played in a lot of close games that were going into the third and fourth quarter, whether it was Pittsburgh or Baltimore. A lot of their games have been close. We didn't expect anything different. We had to earn it. We knew it was going to be a tough day. We earned the win."

DE Jason Pierre- Paul:

On his interception:

"I knew one of these days I was going to catch the ball. Hank (DL Jonathan Hankins) did a great job on the sack fumble and I just caught it.  It was nothing but the end zone for me."

On if it was his first touchdown since his hand injury:

"I'm just blessed to catch the ball. I'm just out here playing some football. I'm playing some great ball. That's all there is to it."

On how he felt after not practicing during the week:

"Personally, I think it was all mental for me. I don't fight injuries. The "missing" part came in big time. I paid attention. Saturday I practiced. It actually helped big time for my injury."

On his play the last two weeks:

"I think we just take it one by one.  Individually, I'm just trying to get better. There are a lot of mistakes that I made, that I can probably correct, which I am going to correct. Got to come back and look at the film Tuesday. Make the corrections and move on to the next game. As the season goes on, you want to get better.  Can't get worse, you have to get better."

On the sack total climbing the last few weeks:

"We just trust in each other. We have great communication. (Giants) Coach (Steve) Spagnuolo calling the right plays to get us in a position to make those sacks and to make that interception. My defensive line coach does a great job coaching in the running and passing game. It's just the communication."

On the offense responding after the Browns scored:

"I feel like whenever our offense clicks, we're going to click. Until then, we will hold them down on defense. Our defense is playing very well. All three phases get together and start doing some good things, there's going to be trouble. Right now, we're on the down and there are no worries. Were just trying to play some good ball. We're trying to take it one game at a time. That's basically it."

On proving himself with his play:

"I'm not proving anything. I told you all last year when I came in, I already won. It was just for me. It is the mental part of learning to use my hand and putting my hand down, knowing when I'm going to shoot it. That's all the mental part, but other than that, I'm thankful."

On the difference between playing in a game and being a standout:

"I always play great football, and I'm just blessed. I look at football as an opportunity to go out there and have fun and that's how I play the game."

On if his injury has affected his overall ability:

"I don't know.  I have to look at the film and see. I'm getting better; I know that for a fact."

On why he was successful today:

"I was just playing ball. Coach Pat (Giants DL Coach Patrick Graham) did a great job talking to us on the sidelines. They had a few big plays on offense but we didn't panic, and focused on the next snap."

On how it felt to have the biggest margin of victory this season:

"I think when it comes to teams like this, and we have been on that side of the ball, it's important not to take any plays off. We came out kind of sloppy, but we are going to look at film and correct it. From here on out, we have to get better."

On the six-game winning streak:

"We just have to take it one game at a time and we know what's at stake for each game."

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