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Giants head coach and players react following the team's matchup vs. the Steelers:

*Head Coach Ben McAdoo:  *

It was a tough night at the office. We know that's not good enough. I have to do a better job getting these guys ready to play. We have to rebound fast. I give credit to the Steelers. They played a good game.

Re: Offense not being able to get on track:

We were behind in field position early in the ball game. Then we got some good field position. We took penalties at inopportune times. We needed to take advantage of the field position. I thought we had some things out there, but again we'll take a look at it on the film.

What is your overall level of concern with the offense?

It's just consistency. We need to be more consistent. We need to take care of the ball better. That showed up again today. We had two turnovers. One of them was on fourth down, but we need to take care of the ball and play with consistency.

Did Eli Manning seem to be forcing a few passes?

Maybe he was on some fourth downs, but we'll take a look at the film.

Do you have any theories on why your offense hasn't been able to be consistent?

We are who we are right now. We need to go back to work. You can't just flip a switch and have things change. You have to put work into it. It has to pay dividends for you.

Are you concerned that the offense may not click before the end of the season?

No, I'm not. We're working at it.

What was the issue on Manning's first interception?

I'll take a look at the film to see what happened. We had a one-on-one matchup there. We had a chance to hit him up the alley, but we'll take a look at it on tape.

Re: Odell Beckham Jr.'s lack of targets in the first half versus increased targets in the second half:

It's the way the ball game went. We try to put him in positions where he's going to be featured as the primary receiver in a lot of the things we do. So it just went that way in the second half.

Did you get an explanation why they picked up the flag when Will Tye got hit?

They said they threw it for pass interference and the ball was uncatchable.

Why did you have trouble with their tight ends?

They have some talented players there. They had some matchups on us. They converted. A couple of them were misdirection-type passes where they pumped and faked a screen underneath and then threw over the top. They made some nice plays there on us.

Is the statistic that Victor Cruz had no targets this week and Sterling Shepard had no targets last week indicative of the lack of consistency or efficiency of your offense?

We weren't efficient. We need to be more efficient. We'll go back and take a look at it.

Can you win if Manning plays the way he did today?

He turned the ball over twice. I thought he hung in the pocket and battled. If he could have gotten a little more mustard on the ball on the one turnover on fourth down, we had a chance for a big play, but that's tough running to the right and throwing back across your body. If we can run the ball a bit better and complete passes better, it's going to increase our chances to win.

How is Jason Pierre-Paul?

I don't know. We'll have to do further testing.

How serious is Coty Sensabaugh's injury?

I've heard a little bit back. I heard it's not something that's tremendously serious. It looks like we're out of the woods there, but we'll have to find out more.

Will he travel back with you tonight?

I don't know that.

Did you sense frustration especially with Manning's reaction to some non-calls?

I thought they may have been early a couple times, but they were bang-bang plays. In those instances, you'd rather let them play. I thought they were early on Odell once or twice.

Did the effect of not getting the fourth down impact the team?

No. I believe we created a turnover and scored the very next series. We need to score touchdowns. A field goal wasn't going to do the trick. We needed to score touchdowns. We didn't convert there, but we came up with the ball and had good field position after that so we were able to punch it in.

Did you have any issue with the holding call on Ereck Flowers in the endzone that resulted in the safety?

I just saw the replay of it. It was on the other side of the field from me. I'll have to go back and look at it.

QB Eli Manning

What are your overall thoughts on the game?

It really came down to those two red zones trips. We had no points off of it. The interception and then the fourth down, it's tough out there but we got down there. We have been really good scoring touchdowns lately, the last three or four games we have been one hundred percent scoring touchdowns, but not today. Not just scoring touchdowns, not getting anything on two drives that was kind of the game right there.

Was there any level of frustration on your end?

Yeah. You are always frustrated after a game when you don't score enough points. Not in a sense, but I thought we did some good things. We got down there and made some tough plays. We kept competing. We just make enough plays. We didn't get the plays in critical moments of the game.

What happened on the first interception?

I tried to squeeze it in there. Good play. Lawrence Timmons has played a long time and made a lot of plays. I thought if you could get it high enough, to Larry Donnell, and kind of put it on that back shoulder a little bit. Lawrence Timmons got a little wider than I thought. I thought I could get it there. Any interception is a bad decision. It obviously hurts when it takes away points.

Are you and Victor Cruz not on the same page? It seems like a lot of these games he either has one catch and today he is not a target. Is there something there?

No. It just depends on what defenses are doing, what's going on and where he ends up lined up sometimes. I have total confidence in Victor. Sometimes he might just be the second or third progression on some things and not get through everything.

Re: Being good enough to compete:

We are good enough to compete. It was just a matter of those complete plays difference and inches difference. Getting possible touchdowns and instead no points. People say it's a game of inches and it's true there. We just have to improve and get better at some things. We got better on third down. We are good enough to compete. Defense is playing well, offense is going to make our plays and get some big plays. We just have to take advantage of when we get down to the red zone and get points.

Re: Offense not being consistent:

We just have to keep working and trying to improve. We are doing some good things. We are making some drives. It's a challenge every week. We understand that. You can never know when we can break out. We are going to have great preparation and expect to go out there and score a lot of points.

Re: Going for it on fourth-and-one:

They brought a lot of pressure. We didn't really have a hat for it just based on what the pressure was. Had pressure up the middle and tried to hit it quickly with them coming. I didn't see the final result of whether it got knocked out or dropped. I was getting hit at that point. Good call, good defensive call by them.

Re: Fourth down:

Yes, fourth and fifteen or thirteen. I moved out of the pocket, and was trying to get it to Odell and then got rushed. Just in a bad situation there. We have to make a play. They had good coverage, good defensive calls. They took away my first read and tried to scramble and take a shot and hoping something good to happen there.

Re: Odell Beckham Jr.:

Just based on what the defense is doing and the calls. We are not trying to target him every play. Sometimes he might be but just depending on the coverage. He can be the first read or the fourth read. It's all coverage based and what they are trying to do. Obviously teams are a plan to slow him down. Other guys have to step up and make plays. I have to do my progression and make completions.

WR Odell Beckham Jr

Re: Offense struggles:

We need to do more, we need to find a way to score more points and help our defense out.

Is there another gear for this offense?

I think everything will gel and it will all click at some point. It just needs to be soon, whether it is next week, tomorrow or the next day. It just needs to be very soon with the team we have coming in, because they are red hot. We need to help our defense out.

Re: Antonio Brown:

I got a chance to go see him and spend some time with him, he's like a brother to me. I love watching him play, I love watching him celebrate and seeing him smile and have fun. You want to be great and others who want to be great to inspire you. He is a guy who inspires me. It was cool to come here to Pittsburgh and watch him do his thing. Unfortunately we lost, but that's the way the cookie crumbles.

Re: Smiling on his touchdown:

I did admire it, I did not admire the points on the board, but I admire him. It is a tough balance. I would have liked him to score next week and not this week but the guy is great. He's one of the best in the league, day in and day out. He came in here today and did his thing.

Should fans be upset at you for smiling when he scored?

It is what it is. You cannot sit there and worry about what other people have to say about something. Someone gets mad at me because I smiled when he scored, that does not even cross my mind. The man is like a brother to me. We train in the offseason together. He's a good guy. It's not like I'm sitting there rooting for him, saying "Tear it up." I don't want to see us lose but at the end of the day I love Antonio and the way he plays. I admire when he does his thing.

DE Jason Pierre-Paul

Re: Defensive performance:

We can always get better. The guys know that we will be able to go in and see what we did wrong. We will check it for ourselves and move onto the next one.

Was this a frustrating game today for you?

Yes it was frustrating. Especially when I'm sitting out. It sucks just watching in the locker-room but it is what it is.

CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

Do you still think that you can win the division?

We won't worry about that. You have to worry about the next game, it's a divisional game, we are at home and we have to get back on the winning side.

Did you feel like you left a lot out there today?

It's a tough loss. We had opportunities to win the ball game and we just did not find a way to come out on top and win.

Defense frustrated with the offense?

No not at all. We know what we have on that side of the ball. We know that at any given time they can score. We need to just keep fighting and getting the ball in their hand.

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