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**Giants players and coaches meet the meda following Sunday's loss:


Coach Ben McAdoo

Alright, tough way to open the season. Give Dallas all the credit. They came out here and won the ball game. We have a long week to get better as a football team and we have a lot of work to do. Our complementary football was non-existent, tonight.

*What does complementary football mean? *

All three phases playing together.

What do you say about the offense with all of the three-and-outs early?

The offense was very disappointing. We're going to go back and look at the film and see how we can get better.

How big was not having Odell Beckham?

We have plenty of players who can make plays on the offense outside of Odell. That's no excuse.

Why do you think you were unable to get Brandon Marshall going?

We weren't able to get anyone going. No one got going.

What was the thought process with Odell before the game?  Was there a chance he might play?

There was a chance. It was a medical decision. We decided it was best to hold Odell out.

How close was he?

We decided it was best to hold him out.

You probably answered the most questions about your offensive line this off-season.  Eli appeared to be under a lot of pressure. How did you feel about the offensive line?

We need to go back, take a look at the film. No part of the offense was functional, tonight.

You didn't really  go [long] downfield until about a minute-and-a-half left in the third quarter when Eli tried to hit to hit Brandon Marshall about 40 yards downfield.  Was that by design?

It's just the way it worked out.

Did you consider making any changes on the offensive line?

Again, you can't just point the finger at one person or one position when you have an outing like that.

Exchange: There were a couple of stunts or twists.  It seems like that's something that keeps coming up.  *I agree.  *Why do you think it did? *Because we're struggling to block it.  *Is it communication, individual effort? *It's a combination. It's technique.  *How do you fix it?

Get better at your technique.

When you got down in the red zone, was there any thought of going to Brandon at any point?

Absolutely. He was part of the progression.

What did you think about your defense, overall?  They were on the field a lot of plays in the first half.

I thought the defense had some decent moments in there. They were physical. They competed their tail off just like everybody did. There was no lack of effort out there, tonight, but you know, the defense has to get off the field. Our time of possession was out of whack. It was a culmination of all three phases. Field position, special teams has to factor in, there. Defense has to get off the field and the offense has to possess the ball and move the ball.

Are you hopeful that Odell will be back on Monday after the long week?

We'll see. We'll see.

Did he do any route-running before today or was this the first time he was able to do that?

He worked with the trainers and the medical staff.

On the drive just before the half, you guys had another three-and-out and then they were able to tack on a field goal?  How disparaging was that where you can't just run out the half?

Well, we were trying to move the ball and get points on the board. It was a two-minute drive. Didn't work out. We gave the ball back to them.

You've been working toward this moment since April, at least to get the season started.  Can you characterize your emotions right now, how disappointing this is?

Well, it's one of 16 games. We have to be careful getting too emotional about one football game but it's one of sixteen. A lot of effort and energy goes into the first game. You've got to tip your hat to Dallas and move on to the next one.

Do you think there's something fundamentally wrong with the offense?  This is the seventh straight game you haven't scored 20 points.

We didn't function at a high level tonight.

What did they do early, offensively?  They seemed to be able to move the ball early.

They did what they do best. They grind out yards. They grind out yards, they fall forward with the ball carrier. They convert third down and short-to medium quite well and they keep the clock moving. They possess the ball.

You had some success on the opening drive of the second half, offensively.  What did you change?

Nothing, we stuck to the plan. We made a couple of adjustments at halftime but nothing major.

What was the difference?  Why did it work in the third quarter but not in the first half?

That's a great question. Execution.

How do you assess the running back play?

Again, we have to take a look at the film. I'm not going to comment on that until I look at the tape.

Quarterback Eli Manning

On how the offense played tonight:

"It's disappointing. We didn't convert on third downs very well in the first half. It was third and longs, four's and five's and we couldn't convert on those, and it hurt us. It was good to stay on the field in the second half. We got a few drives going, but we just couldn't finish them. We just didn't play well enough, all around to win that game."

On how much could he chalk up the struggles to Odell Beckham's absence?:

"Obviously he's a tremendous player, but we have players and we have to play better than that. We have to do a better job finding completions on third and converting those third downs. We just have to do a better job."

On how under pressure he felt tonight, and how rushed did he feel:

"They (Cowboys) did a good job. They had some good calls defensively. It was going to take that second or third receiver to get open. They were able to get a good rush. They do a lot of line stunts and they did a good job on giving pressure, but I still think there were some opportunities that we didn't make."

On his level of concern and are there a lot of improvements to be made since the offseason:

"I think the whole offense needs to make improvements, starting with me. I got to do a better job, I've got to be better prepared to make this team better. I'll start with me and go from there."

On is it different to talk about himself in that fashion? Does he feel he didn't do a good job and needs to step up?:

"We just need to get better. There were plays that could have been made, that we didn't make, and just got to do a better job in getting us plays. We've got a long week to prepare. We're playing at home, so we will be better next week."

On his thought process and concerns on when he drops back. Does he feel like it's last year all over again and needs to change his style of play?:

"I think I hung in the pocket and moved around. Looking at the rush I saw Roger down field and did an okay job moving around. I tried to extend a couple of plays, but couldn't make anything happen with them."

On if the Cowboys did anything different defensively compared to last year:

"They played less man, especially in third downs. The last couple of times they played a lot of man to man, and this time they played a lot of zones and some new coverages. They had a good plan, and they did some stuff we didn't execute or had plays that worked. They had some new stuff and we just couldn't find the right time to hit them or hurt them with those coverages."

On what it's like to have the offense move on and off the field so fast:

"We weren't on the field much. Three and outs and not converting third downs. We couldn't find a rhythm, and it's tough to do play calling, as an offense to get to run the pass or the play action and get things going. We were three and out, three and out, and it's tough. It's tough on our defense. They were on the field the whole time, so we've got to help them. We've got to do a better job."

On his timing to find Brandon Marshall and what was wrong:

"We just didn't have any plays, especially in the first half. We had some sacks, had some three and outs. We just didn't have a whole lot of plays. He's a weapon and we've got to find ways to get him the ball."

On if there was one specific player he looking to find, especially near the goal line:

"We kind of had a double, so I was kind of looking that way to get some safety's to come back, and I had a chance to find Evan (Engram) in the end zone. That's when we got pressured and there wasn't much to do right there. I had to take a sack, so it was an unfortunate situation."

CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

On whether fatigue played a factor on defense: "At some point. But you know, you have to suck it up. That's what we practice for and go through all those OTAs. You can't even think about that. You just have to find a way to go out there and find a way to get off the field. We didn't get off the field enough."

On what the loss feels like: "Cowboys. Division opponent. That one hurts."

On how the team will react to the loss: "I know what kind of team we have. In a low-scoring game like that, we just have to find a way to win. We are going to come back. We get in Tuesday, Monday, whichever day we come in, watch that film, put it behind us and get ready for Monday night."

Safety Landon Collins

On facing the Cowboys offense: "It is a good offense. It's not a shock. We knew what we were coming up against. They played great. They played within their system and they did their job."

On whether being on the field so long was difficult: "It is not difficult at all. All our job is, we have to get off the field on third down. If we get off the field on third down, it is a different game."

On whether the time of possession led to fatigue on the defensive side: "I wouldn't say it was fatigue. I wasn't tired too much. The whole game played pretty fast. They just played a good game, that's all I can say. They played a good game. They played within their system, the did a good job. They made those third down plays they needed to make. We need to stop them every time we get the chance too. We are definitely going to do so next time."

On whether the defense was affected by the quick turnarounds between Cowboys drives: "Even if we do that, we have to get off the field and get the offense the ball and try to get them good field position. That's our job."

On reflections on the defense and the game's outcome: "We know we have to step up to the plate and give them [Giants offense] a boost. When we play good, they play good, they kind of feed off us. And then when they are playing good, we kind of feed off them. It goes both ways. This time, we should have made a few more plays, and if they fed off us, then maybe they could get that drive started."

LB  Jonathan Casillas

On whether fatigue was a factor for the defense: "Whenever it is lopsided in time of possession, especially in the first game, there is no way to get prepared for that amount of plays. I think the time of possession in the first half was so lopsided, it definitely had an effect on us a little bit."

On takeaways from the game: "We allowed them to do what they wanted to do, and that dictated the game for them. We were on our heels for most of the game. We can't play like that. We have to play complimentary football and I don't think we did that today. At times we gave up a little bit too much, on defense we were leaking yards, and of course the offense has to score more points. I think the defense has to do a better job of getting the ball back and getting that field position. We weren't complimentary today. At times we looked good, and times we didn't look too good. We will have to play complimentary football the rest of the way to be competitive and have a chance to make the playoffs."

Weston Richburg, Center

"We just didn't do what we can do. We really didn't do what we were capable of and that produced the result…We lost because we didn't do what we can do."

"We didn't perform like we can offensively to help our team. We didn't play complementary football."

"We've got to look at the film to see what's going on. It's nice we have a long week with a Monday Night game to fix some problems that we might have had."

Sterling Shepard, Wide Receiver

On missing Beckham: "If he was able to go, that would have been great for us. But we prepared as if he wasn't going to play."

On criticism: "It's the first game of the season. It's hard to say. People are going to say what they want to say. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion."

"You've just got to get in there and correct some things. It's a fix-it league. That's what we've got to do. We've got to watch the film right when we get on the plane and fix what's wrong."

"You go into everyone game confident that your game plan is going to work and that everything is going to smoothly like your practice it. Sometimes it does not go like that."

On if they expected to score 3 points: "No, but that's what happened tonight. You've got to tip your hat to those guys. They did a good job on defense. We've got to get in, fix some things and get back on track."

Bobby Hart, Tackle

On playing against Lawrence: "He's alright. He didn't do anything crazy. I've got to watch the film. He was just rushing. Like I said, it wasn't anything crazy. They do a lot of things with their scheme that helps their players out."

On playing against defensive stunts: "We've just got to be as a unit. On one page, we can't get on separate levels throughout the line. We can't have that."

On how to fix it: "We've got to watch the film and come up with a plan. I can't really answer that without watching the film. I don't want to give y'all just any answer."

Evan Engram, Tight End

On what to take away from tonight: "Watching the film is going to be big. Preparing differently will be big. Fix the mistakes. Correct ourselves. Put it in the trash and move to Detroit on Monday."

On his first game: "It was awesome. The emotion was more than I expected. It was definitely fun to get out there, get settled in and get this thing going. We wished we came out with a W, but the season has started so we've got a lot of work to do."

On being involved in the offense: "The way we prepared all week, everybody had a chance to make big plays and contribute to the offense. I was prepared for it. I'm just going to keep moving."

On being without Beckham: "He's a huge part of this team, a huge part of the offense. It was tough. I know he wanted to be out there. Hopefully, he gets healthy and we can get our offense back."

Justin Pugh, Guard

"Three points is not going to give you wins in the NFL. Our defense came out in the second half and held them scoreless. We've got to go down and get a touchdown on that first drive. It was good we got it moving. You can't go three-and-out against their offense when they are out there they can control the clock and tire you out. We've got to do our part. We didn't that in the first half."

"We know them and they know us. There were a few wrinkles, but once we got out there we knew what they were doing. We've just got to execute better. We had third-and-manageable a few times those first few drives. We've got to pick those plays up. They did a good job stopping us on third down and that's the story line."

On missing Beckham: "Obviously, you miss the best player in the NFL not being out there. But we need to be able to run the ball, control clock, get first downs and at the very least, don't go three-and-out and give the ball back to them for a seven to eight minute drive. We need to be the ones having drives like we had in the third quarter – ten minutes. You saw when you wear those guys down, we were able to move the ball and do some good things. We've got to be the offense doing that. We can't be going three-and-out."

"It's execution across the board. When it's third and short and we don't come up with it, that's on the offensive line. I think we were two-for-two on third and short, which was nice to pick up those plays. But, hey, there's not much to hang your hat on scoring three points and getting beat like we got beat."

"I was hoping we would win the toss and take the ball first because every time we come here they go out and have a five, six, seven minute drive to start the game. You're trying to get your first drive. You're trying to get your first snap of the season under your belt and they are out there forever. Then we go a quick three-and-out and they have another long drive. It just felt like we couldn't get into a rhythm in the first half. As cliché as it sounds, it's the first game of the season luckily because we are not where we need to be."

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