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*The Giants meet the media following Sunday's matchup with the Eagles: *

Interim Head Coach Steve Spagnuolo

Opening Statement:First, I'm going to complement Doug (Pederson) and his football team – the Eagles – for the win. They got it done in the end. I wish them a lot of luck going forward. He's a good man. I told the team that I didn't think this was the time to dissect everything right now. We'll get together as a group, talk about everything we need to talk about tomorrow and then they'll have Tuesday off. Without getting my eyes on the film or I didn't look at stats or anything, I did think the offense came out and did a nice job. Eli (Manning) managing everything. That drive at the end was special. We all were hoping for a memorable score and a memorable game and a lot of what could have been. But, a 2-11 team beating an 11-2 on the last play would have been special. It didn't happen. Now, obviously some of the things that I'm going to get asked about I'm going to talk about right now. The special teams' protection obviously got us in trouble. Defensive tackling was not good enough. I can remember one third down in particular that we're off the field. That kills you. You guys know that and can't turn the ball over against a good football team. They've proven that if you don't turn the ball over against them, talking about the Eagles, you got a decent chance of winning. Then, there's a lot of other things in there. I do believe that the fight in this football team was reflected out on the field and my comment to them was if that is the best team in the NFC, which it might very well be, then we went out there and exchanged punches with the best and almost came away with a win, but we didn't. So, having said all that, I'll just open it up.

Q: Based off the eye test, how do you think Eli Apple did in his first game back?

A: Again, I need to see the film, but I thought he was solid. I don't remember anything that got us in trouble. I do remember this – he had at least two really good tackles and he's a really good tackler.

Q: What's happening with Landon Collins?

A: Well, Landon went out. He was smart. I have no regrets about having him play. He doesn't either. He tweaked it again and he just wasn't able to go. He's going to go if he can go. He's a warrior. Love that man. But, he just wasn't able to go at a certain point.

Q: What was the problem with the coverage with Eli Apple and Dominque Rodgers-Cromartie on the touchdown pass to Trey Burton in the first half?

A: Yeah, I'm going back in my mind. I believe it was man, he got picked and I think on that one DRC – he was planning on that guy picking and having the help on the throw that goes and it didn't happen. We kind of – we made a little bit of a mistake, but that wasn't the only thing. We'll get that ironed out.

Q: Personally, do you need to string together wins to build a case for yourself?

A: I'm not making a case. I'll tell you what I'm doing here, I'm trying to get a football team ready to play a game and I thought they did that. When I finished with the team just now, the focus is on Arizona. That's what we do in this league. By the time we wake up Wednesday morning and go in that building, it's going to be the same as all the other 31 teams. They're going to be doing the same thing. It won't matter whether they won a game on Sunday or lost a game on Sunday.

Q: Can you talk about the blocked kicks and how they happened on the same side?

A: I didn't get to - I can't remember exactly where it happened. The one field goal I believe was on the right side. We got to get it taken care of. When we see the film, we'll have a better idea whether it was steps or who didn't punch here or who didn't punch there, but can't have it. This time of year, we need to have that all firmed up.

Q: The blocked kicks came from the same side.

A: I don't have the guys in mind. I'll have to look at it.

Q: It's a 12 point swing, so how tough is that?

A: I know. It hurts. It hurts.

Q: How much are you involved in the special teams?

A: Tom (Quinn) does it. I'm not sticking my nose where I'm not an expert at, but we talk about game management, what we would do, what we wouldn't do. Tom and Dwayne (Stukes) know what they're doing. So, they'll get it ironed out.

Q: Were you given an explanation as to why no flag was thrown on the fourth and goal play on the last drive?

A: I was not. You're talking about the last play there to win it?

Q: Yes.

A: I wasn't.

Q: What were your thoughts on that?

A: I'm going to hold my thoughts. I'd like to see it on tape.

Q: How much does it hurt that this was a game you could have won without the special teams' mistakes?

A: Any game you lose hurts. What we're going to go back and end up thinking about and dissecting is we were ahead early in the game and we let them get back in it. I thought we let them get back in it by mistakes that we made and to their credit, they kept playing and battled their way back and then yeah, the special teams miscues put our backs to the wall. It's tough. It's hard enough. The margin for error is very small for us right now with all the injuries and what we're going through and to be making it easy on an opponent, that hurts.

Q: What was the difference for Eli Manning today?

A: I'm not sure what the difference is other than I know that's him. We know what he's capable of and that showed today. I'll tell you what – I would say this just without watching the film – that was a really good front we just played, the defensive front from Philadelphia. And, I don't remember. I mean, I'm sure there was a little bit of pressure here and there, but obviously Eli was getting enough time to function effectively as a quarterback to get us that many points. So, I credit the o-line without seeing it on tape right now.

Q: What did you think worked offensively and what did you do differently?

A: I don't know whether we did anything differently. We talked a lot during the week about the value of a four-yard run and a five-yard completion against this team and the fact that if we could get some of those completions, some of them would turn into yards off the catch plays, which it did. 87 (Sterling Shepard) had one that I can think of. TK (Tavarres King) had one – he ran. They had shown that was an edge we were looking for in playing this football team. So, that worked out pretty good. But, I don't know that we functioned any differently. Eli (Manning) still functioned with making some checks. I remember one specifically. He got us out of a call. Put us in a good play. Mike (Sullivan) has been doing a really good job with that and Mike and Eli have been together for so long that when the game plan is fed and Eli bounces it back and forth, I see Eli coming up later in the evening suggesting plays. I think they're working real well together and I felt comfortable with the game plan for the most part. Did a good job with it.

Q: I assume Elli Manning is the starter next week?

A: Yeah. You can – that's a pretty good assessment.

Q: What kinds of things can Jason Pierre-Paul do better to win individual matchups and get to the quarterback?

A: Without seeing the tape, I can't dissect what he did or didn't do. I just I know it's tough with dealing with an injury right now.

Q: In general.

A: I don't know that. I got to watch the tape. If you're asking about today what he could do differently, that's really hard for me to say here today until I get my eye on the tape.

Q: How impressed have you been with Sterling Shepard's rise to the top of the wide receiver slot?

A: Very impressed. Sterling is a talented guy. He's battled a little bit with injuries this year himself. The one thing when these young guys have injuries along the way – this is what we lose sight of. You get a young guy and he plays a couple games and then he misses two or three and then plays this one. They lose that foundation of all the reps and all the football. Because he's been injured, he's in his second year, but he's not a second year with 'x' number of games under his belt. So, the more and more play time we can get to these guys, I think the better they'll get. Your point about the wide receivers is a good one. Having had a lot of injuries, I'm proud of the way the guys have stepped up and played. Catching the ball and getting yards after catch is huge in this league. I thought we did a pretty good job of it.

Q: In a season like this, how much does this one hurt?

A: It'll probably hurt more later when I'm home with Maria. But, that's what happens to me. I start reflecting because it's right there in a lot of ways. Early, being ahead and then the game. I think we're ahead by two at halftime. Am I right? Someone help me out with it. So, we came in at halftime and it felt bad, but we're ahead. So, we play the 30 minutes of football. We said at the beginning of the game we would worry about the second 30 minutes when we got in there at halftime and that's what we did. And then we were in there swinging and defense, we just didn't play great. Looking back at it, we just aren't playing good defensive football and I've got to look at what I'm doing. We got to look at how we're approaching things. We need to get better there. I feel bad we let the offensive guys down.

Defensive End Olivier Vernon

*Q: How did it feel to lose knowing that it wasn't because of a lack of effort?

A: It wasn't because there was a lack of effort. That is the last thing on the list of things. Like I said, you can put on the tape and you can see out there how we're fighting.

*Q: What did you see from Eli Apple today and where do you think he goes from here?

A: We all know he loves to play football. He loves being out there, so he knew what he had to do coming in here and making plays and that's what he did.

Quarterback Eli Manning

Q: What did you see on the fourth down pass to tight end Even Engram in the end zone late in the fourth quarter?

A: Yeah, it was tough. There's not a whole lot of great fourth-and-goal from the 12 plays. But I was trying to get him, I had him on a corner route, maybe I was playing some outside leverage, just trying to back shoulder it and give him a chance. Got it in the end zone and there was some contact being made, I don't know, it's tough to know if it's interference, if it's the call or not. You kind of just put it up high and give him a chance to make the play and we didn't make it.

Q: Were you given an explanation from the officials on that play?

A: No, no explanation.

Q: How much more difficult was that fourth down play, being backed up five more yards after the penalty?

A: Yeah, obviously you have more options from the five. From the five, we had a different play called where you get four guys in the end zone, five guys in the end zone with a back, possibly. From the 10, it's just tough to get everybody in the end zone with routes and things going. So, yeah, it's unfortunate. I had the false start. It's a tough situation, I don't blame Bobby [Hart]. At home, it's loud. (Center) Brett Jones couldn't hear me call the cadence. You don't think having that [at home], but I guess when you've only won two games, there's a lot of Eagles fans and they were loud and we couldn't hear the cadence, that's why we jumped offsides.

Q: Did all the Eagles fans in the crowd bother you?

A: Well, it bothers me because that's where – I don't blame our fans, that's the way this season has turned out. We didn't do our part. You're playing late in the year where you're not playing for a spot in the playoffs, so it bothers me from that standpoint.

Q: How impressed have you been with guys like Sterling Shepard and Tavarres King, who have stepped up after dealing with injuries at wide receiver all season?

A: Yeah, I thought the receivers made some outstanding plays today. Tavarres, Roger Lewis, Sterling and [tight end] Evan [Engram] have been playing great. So, I thought we threw the ball well against a really good defense, a great front four and the guys made some plays. We had a good plan, started out fast, went right down there, had a couple double moves to guys, some scramble things, did pretty good on third down and then we had some great run after the catch, individual efforts. Sterling on the touchdown, TK on the touchdown, so I'm proud of the way the guys competed and hung in there, kept working and they're making some plays.

Q: Do you take something out of the fact that the team is improving and you were in the game until the end?

A: Well, I'm proud of the way the guys are competing, the no quit from the guys. They work hard, they practice hard. We're being creative, whether it's the coaches or the players coming up with ideas, we're being creative and doing some different things. Some are working, some aren't, but we had some good stuff today and it's fun when you feel like you had a great plan and some of the stuff worked and you made some plays. So, just happy the way guys are keeping their head up and competing hard.

Q: Today was one of your best statistical games of the season, what was different for you?

A: I think we had a good plan for how they were going to play and guys did a good job getting open. They covered us up a few times, but we had a good plan of getting the ball out quickly, which we did. Playing fast, some up-tempo stuff, I think that confused them a little bit. Hit some guys in stride, hit some guys running, so I think we just had a good plan. Guys were winning and that's fun when that happens.

Q: Over the past two weeks, how impressed have you been with the development of running back Wayne Gallman?

A: Yeah, I thought Wayne's been making some plays. Runs hard, had a couple nice runs today, had some nice catches, making some guys miss. So, being creative, keep finding ways for him to get some catches and we're ready for him to break a long one.

Q: Do you take away from this game that you came so close to beating possibly the best team in the NFC?

A: At this point, I don't know if you take much away from it. I think, who got the win? I think you can take away, hey, we're competing, we're moving the ball offensively, doing some good things, we've just got to keep working, finding ways to finish though. We're close, there at the five-yard line. You want to be in those situations and we expect to make those plays next time.

Q: Did you notice the Eagles fans chanting in the fourth quarter?

A: No, I didn't notice any chants going on. But I did notice it was loud at times when we had the ball.

Q: Did you see that President/CEO John Mara said last week that he wants to have you back next year?

A: Yeah, I did see that. Hey, I want to be back next year as well. So, again, I love playing for the New York Giants, I love this organization. I appreciate everything they've done for me and I try to give back everything that I have to this organization and this team, so I'd like to be back as well.

Q: Were you pleased that the offense was able to execute a game plan where you can demonstrate that you still have it?

A: Well, I like the game plan. I think, obviously, we have some guys banged up, we've got some new faces and I think this style of play, a lot of up-tempo, playing fast, gives us a great opportunity to be successful. It helps out the offensive line, going against the front four, it gets them tired, it keeps them from substituting a lot if we play fast. The receivers, I've been with these guys for a while, they know the routes and giving them opportunities to get open. I still know I can play at a high level, make plays and make throws and win football games and it's good to go out there and make some plays.

Q: Does playing at a higher tempo allow the receivers to get into a rhythm?

A: I think it can just throw a little bit of confusion out to the defense and they're trying to get lined up and figure out what coverage they're playing and our guys know exactly what their route is. So, they can just play fast and have an idea what the routes are, what's coming and you can just catch the defense by surprise a little bit. I think it helps receivers, but I think it's more about helping the offensive line, just getting a little jumpstart when the defensive line is not ready, so we can fire off the ball really fast.

Q: On the first touchdown pass to Tavarres King, is there something you saw pre-read, or was that the designated play that was called?

A: No, that was the called play and the first plays of the games we hit those short slants and the last time we played them we hit a bunch of them. We hit two in the first series and then we came out with kind of that slant and go and we hit two of them. Hit one to Roger Lewis on the left, came back and hit one to TK on the right. So, it was good to have those work.

WR Sterling Shepard

Q: It looked like on the last play that you guys got snuffed on the flea flicker, but the pass in the end zone it looked like you didn't get the call you wanted…

A: Yeah, I was pretty upset about that one. I kind of let my emotions get the best of me on that one. It was just such a critical play for the game. I just didn't like how it all played out, but I've got to be smarter at the end. But I mean, you can't tell me that it's not a pass interference. I mean my guy couldn't even lift up his left arm, so you hate to see it happen that way, but I've got to be better.

Q: Is your reaction like that just kind of frustrations boiling over because you're so close and you don't get anything out of it?

A: Yeah, it just kept building up from I think the one where they said it was a 'no catch'—that was pretty frustrating because you're trying to get the tempo going and it slows you down, so from there on it just kind of built up frustration and that one was just a huge one, so it really got to me on that one.

Q: What happened a couple plays before that? I don't know if it was you, but both sides were in a little bit of a skirmish?

A: Yeah, I guess a guy over the top of me—two-seven —he didn't like the way I did him, so he tried to get after me a little bit, but could be better at that, too. Can't let that get to us and affect the team.

Q: Had you guys been talking back and forth throughout the game or was that just sort of spur of the moment?

A: Nah, I guess he didn't like the way that I do 'em, every time we play, so he had some words to say and I did, too, so.

Q: Do you think he was just trying to get under your skin? Was that sort of your impression of it?

A: Probably so. He does all those vet moves, trying to get under your skin, so it doesn't really work with me.

Q: How good was it to see the offense clicking?

A: I mean, it felt good. We had the ball moving. We scored the first what, two, three tries? Yeah, so it felt good to get it going. It just shows you what this team's capable of and we could put points on the board, so we've got to keep doing that.

Q: What was different? You had way more successes than you probably had at any point this year. What was different for you guys?

A: I think everybody was just on point with the tempo and the way we were going to attack the game plan. Coach Sully [Mike Sullivan] gave us a great game plan, that's pretty simple and that's straightforward, and guys just bought in and I feel like we want to be the team that we can be, so we've got to do it every week.

Q: Tempo—that was part of the game plan? To go even faster than usual?

A: Yeah, tempo was huge. It's always a huge deal for us, but…

Q: You seemed to be moving a little bit faster, though, than usual.

A: Yeah, it looked like we were moving a little bit faster.

Q: With the way the offense was clicking, how confident were you that you were going to come away with the win at the end of the game?

A: I was pretty confident. I mean, we had drove the field. You know, like I said, we got to eliminate some mistakes throughout the game. I feel like we got to eliminate some mistakes, but especially when we get into the red zone. You know, that can get us and just hate to see it end like that.

Q: Has there been a lot of games this year where you can taste the victory and it gets pulled away from you like that. How different is that?

A: Yeah, I actually haven't experienced a win. I was hurt all of our wins, so I was itching for one and I think that's the reason why emotions got to me like that. I usually don't let that type of stuff happen, but well, I was just staring dead at it and I'm like, 'what are you looking at?' I apologize for reacting the way that I did.

Q: Did you apologize to him?

A: To the official? I should. If I ever see him, I will, but, yeah, on camera I'm telling you I'm sorry.

Q: Sterling, that's the team with the best record in the NFC. What does it say to you guys to be one play away from the win?

A: I think it shows what this team is capable of. Whenever we buy into the game plan, there's no telling where we can go.

Q: Is that you apologizing to the official, but is that kind of you just, somebody on this offense needs to become the identity or speak up or be the leader for this offense?

A: No. I'm not going to shy away from that role, but that's just not the way the New York Giants do things and not the way that I handle things, but it's tough in that moment if you've been put in that moment and you've been fighting your tail off the whole game, it's pretty tough for it to end like that.

Q: Would you like to carry this momentum that you finally had in this game offensively maybe into the last two games and show the team can win?

A: Yeah, we can just build from here. We found what really works for us and hopefully we can just take it into the next few games and carry it onto the next season as well.

Q: Can you believe that you guys haven't topped thirty points since you've been here?

A: Yeah, I mean know that, I think about it after it's all over with. It's surprising, though, because we have guys that can do this and put points on the board, so it's pretty surprising when you look back at it.

Q: You also missed an extra point. I mean that point blocked, field goal blocked…

A: Yeah, those kinds of things can kill us, too. We've just got to be great at the basics I feel like. And that's what we went back to and it worked well for the offense and that's what we've got to do going forward.

Q: Did you see a little something different from Eli [Manning]? I mean you've seen a lot of things, but I don't know if you've seen him throw for 430 yards before.

A: Ah, man, Eli's great in my eyes no matter what he does. He just played like [what] he's capable of today.

Q: Do you think people need to be reminded of that once in a while?

A: Yes they do. I feel like they get after Eli [Manning] a lot, but I mean that's how they're going to do every quarterback in the NFL, but you know what, Eli's a great guy and a great quarterback, so people do need to see that from time to time.

Q: What was it like to hear chants of defense while you were on the field, in your home building?

A: It was pretty loud, but we block that out.

Q: Are you disappointed that Giants fans were selling their tickets to Eagles fans?

A: I don't want to get into all that stuff. It doesn't matter who's watching us if we go out and execute.

Q: What is Eli like in the huddle with everything that is going on.

A: He is the most professional guy I know. He is a great example and it shows you how to handle that situation if you were ever to be in a similar situation.

Wide Receiver Roger Lewis

Q: Talk about the game and how frustrating it was for you.

A: Yeah, it's a little frustrating. But, we just want to win and I've got to get back to the basics. Keep doing what we're doing. Just want to win. That's it.

Q: Can you talk about the last play?

A: I saw the play. I thought it was a pass interference. The ref was going on – I thought it was a pass interference.

Q: It seemed like you got riled up there.

A: A lot of emotion in the game. When you're fighting out there for a win and you want to win so bad, there's going to be a lot of emotions. It's an emotional game.

Q: What happened on that play?

A: Just, you know, blocking on the perimeter. Just trying to win. That's all we're trying to do. We're playing hard. We're trying to execute and win. We really wanted that win.

Q: Why do you think the offense was working so well today?

A: I feel like when 10 gets in his mode and the line is blocking and everybody is hitting on all cylinders, this is a special team. We got receivers banged up. But, we got some dogs behind them.

Q: That 30 point mark – it doesn't seem like you can get there.

A: We just want to win. That's it. I just want to win. I could have zero yards. With a win, I'd be happy. I just want to win.

Q: What was your reaction to the last play and the fact that there was no flag thrown?

A: I thought it was pass interference. He had his arm and his arm kind of came in late, but they didn't do the call, call the call, and we lost. So, just want to get back to the film room, focus on Arizona. I just want to win. That's all.

Q: Did the ref say anything to you in that situation?

A: I mean, they didn't say anything. They didn't say anything. I asked why didn't you call it? They didn't say anything.

Q: How good is Eli Manning today?

A: Eli is special. He's a Hall of Famer. He's a two-time Super Bowl winner. He hasn't lost one step. He's special. That guy helped my game grow a lot from year one to year two. He's special.

Q: How good was he today in particular?

A: He's Eli Manning. I mean, he's Eli Manning. We're not talking about somebody who just joined the team or something. That's Eli Manning. He's special.

Q: Do you think people have to be reminded sometimes?

A: I think a little bit, but at the end of the day, you can win with 10. You can win with him. He's special, like I said.

Q: That's the top team in the NFC and a Super Bowl favorite. The fact that it came down to the last play, what does that say about this team?

A: That says a lot about us. A lot of guys not giving up and a lot of brothers that want to win. That's really what we want to do. With them having their record and us having our record, it shows a lot about this organization that we want to win. Today, we didn't get the win but it shows a lot.

Q: This may have been your best overall game offensively. Why?

A: Once 10 gets in that grove and starts to see everything, I don't think he can be stopped.

Defensive End Jason Pierre-Paul

Q: How tough is it to get so close in this game and still fall short?

A: Obviously, it was a close game when it was at the Eagles' home field. It's division game, it's a grind. You have to grind it out, and obviously they came out and they grinded it out much longer today, and they came out with the win.

Q: You've been through a lot of games here. Is it a different experience to hear the crowd chant, "defense" when your offense was out on the field?

A: Obviously, they're right up the street, right in the backyard. It's not surprising to see all of their fans here chanting about the Eagles. They won today, salute to them. They were the better team today; you have to give them their props.

Q: How frustrating is it to see somebody else on the defense go down with an injury?

A: It's football. This is what we signed up for. At the end of the day, injuries are going to occur, but that's what makes the game so special. You don't know when the injuries are going to occur, but the next person has to step up.

Q: Does it still cause havoc with the continuity and the communication?

A: Yeah, but at the end of the day, we're all still pros. The next guy up should be able to fill the next guy's shoes. Like you said, communication is a big key. Sometimes it's there, sometimes it isn't. But we still try to get it right as a team in the best way possible. Injuries occur; you don't know when the next guy's going to get hurt. That's why you try to keep yourself as healthy as possible.

Q: Are you impressed that S Landon Collins tried to give it a go today?

A: Landon is a tough cat. All hats off to him. He couldn't finish the job today, so the next guy had to step up. But, he'll be ready. I'm pretty sure Landon is the type that gets in the locker room and gets in the training room and does the best he can to try to be with us and help us.

Q: Is your hand giving you a hard time out there?

A: I finished the game, didn't I?

Q: It seemed like there were some moments that it was off.

A: No, no. The first one that I missed, I just missed it. I didn't expect that. I was going up, I was putting my hand up for him to try to stay there for a little bit longer, but I didn't know what was going on in the back end of the play, and I passed him. That's on me.

Q: You were in the glove before, now you're back in the club. Do you have to get used to it?

A: I'm used to both. I could go all year with the club if I want. I prefer to play with both. It doesn't stop me from playing football.

Tight End Evan Engram

Q: Did you think there was a penalty on the fourth down pass intended for you late in the fourth quarter?

A: Yeah. My arm was kind of held, it was obvious. I went up for the ball, it was obvious that he was kind of arm guarding me, but no call.

Q: Did the official say anything to you about why it was not called a penalty?

A: No. Nothing.

Q: You thought defensive interference should have been called?

A: Definitely, yes sir. I thought it was definitely defensive pass interference. Fourth down, it was really obvious, but there was no call.

Q: Can you talk about how the offense played in general?

A: Oh man, we started off fast, so we put points up on the board. We had some adversity throughout the game and we responded, we put points on the board and we played really well. A lot of huge plays, a lot of explosive plays, we played really well, we showed up and just didn't come out [with the win].

Q: Did you think you were going to win that game during that final drive?

A: Of course, of course. We're a touchdown mindset, especially under a minute. We score and put our great defense out on the field to get a stop, definitely.

Q: Seeing how wide receivers Sterling Shepard and Roger Lewis reacted to the fourth down incomplete pass, was that just frustration or is it just feeling close and not getting anything out of it?

A: Yeah, I think it was just really obvious that that should've been defensive pass interference. Those guys are really emotional, but it was definitely really obvious that there should've been a flag, but the ref didn't see it. Those guys played their hearts out and they're really emotional and we felt like we should've got that call.

Q: Were there points in the game when you felt like you guys were dominating on offense?

A: Oh my God, yeah, definitely. We had a couple three and outs, but they were not as many as we've had. We were doing really well, we felt like we had them in control and we were moving the ball really well. We were getting a push, we were making plays downfield, making explosive plays after the catch. I mean we played really well as an offense today, just came up short.

Q: What was it like being out there with quarterback Eli Manning today, the way he played?

A: He was just laser-focused, just locked in. He was stepping up in the pocket, he was being Eli, being 10. That's the 10 we know, that's the 10 I've watched for so many years and it was definitely a great battle. It was great to be out with him today and battle.

Q: How does a play change, from fourth-and-six to fourth-and-11?

A: We had a play called for the fourth-and-six and then the penalty backed us up, so we had to go to something different.

Q: Are you the first option all the way on that play?

A: Yeah. We worked it all week, it was a great ball by 10. There was some interference there, but it is what it is.

Q: You don't think that ball was too high, you could have gotten it?

A: Definitely, definitely (yes).

Q: What does it say to you that this team went toe to toe with a 12-2 team?

A: It just speaks about the heart of this team. We were 2-11 coming into this game, a lot of people wouldn't have battled like we did today. The way we came together today is the unity that we had all year. It's not what we want in a season, but we fight every Sunday and today was one of those Sundays.

Q: What kind of feeling is it after the fourth down pass was incomplete and there was no flag?

A: It was bad, it was tough. I'm not the type of guy to get in a ref's face or anything, or go crazy, but that was tough; that was tough. We were right there, we drove down the field, two-minute drive against the best team in the NFC, it was tough.

Q: Does the performance that Manning had today show that he can still be the quarterback of this team?

A: Definitely. We've known that all along. I've always said, 10 is 10, he's going to be 10. So, definitely he played lights out today and he definitely rubbed off on us.

Q: Does this feel like the best offensive performance you guys have had all year?

A: Definitely. Just the explosive plays, we scored early, we put points on the board in the first quarter, that has been rare all year. We just had a lot of big plays, a lot of receivers stepped up in that receiver group has been under fire all year and they just played lights out today, all of them. So, it was definitely our best way.

Q: Do you think that if the team played like it did today, it can finish this season on a good note?

A: That's the goal. We're going to fight. We have two more Sundays left and we're going to fight.

Q: Were you surprised to hear the chants from Eagles fans in the fourth quarter?

A: I didn't notice.

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