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Week 2 Fantasy Report: Hits and Misses

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - Last week we gave you our edition of who we thought the STUD's and DUD's of the fantasy world would be in week 2. Now it's time to take a look back and see who we HIT on and MISSED.

The Studs for Week 2 didn't all live up to our expectations, however, we were correct in several key areas. The Chargers and Packers Quarterback's often found their Tight Ends on the field and the STUD Wide Receivers each dominated their games respectively. On the negative side we missed on 4 of the 5 Running Backs and Eli Manning didn't record the stats fantasy owners were hoping for. With all that said here are our Week 2 "Hits and Misses" for the Studs.

HITS and MISSES from Week 2 STUD's Predictions.

QBs = Aaron RodgersHIT, Phillip RiversHIT, Eli ManningMISS
RBs - Adrian PetersonHIT, Michael Turner- MISS (injury), DeAngelo WilliamsMISS,  Ahmed BradshawMISS, Jamaal CharlesMISS
WRs =Andre JohnsonHIT, Miles AustinHIT
TEs = Antonio GatesHIT, Jermichael FinleyHIT
DEF = Packers – HIT, Eagles- MISS, Cowboys – AVERAGE
YET TO PLAY - Vernon Davis, Drew Brees, Saints Defense

Hits= 8   Misses= 5

What makes a Stud? A stud rating is determined by how many fantasy points a player is projected to get, compared to how many points a player actually earns during the game. High profile players (Adrian Peterson, Peyton Manning) are held to higher standards and must achieve greater success than a player of lesser fantasy value.Example: If Peyton Manning scores 18 Points on a given week he might not be a determined a stud, however if Matt Hassellback scores 18 points in the same week he may receive the label of "stud" based on lower expectations. These are the players we projected to exceed their expectations. A Hit means they did better than expected and a Miss means they did not.

Having had much greater success picking DUDs this week we ended up hitting on every QB, only missing on Donald Brown, Calvin Johnson and the Denver Bronos defense. There is no science to picking a DUD but it helps to determine the strength of the player's opposition in key areas. For example, a Quarterbacks fantasy rating can't be determined solely on the strength of the opposing teams secondary; one must also consider variables like defensive schemes and player tendencies. All in all, not too bad for Week 2.

HITS and MISSES from Week 2 DUD's Predictions

QBs - Chad Henne – HIT, Vince Young – HIT, Carson Palmer – HIT, Derrick AndersonHIT
RBs = Laurence Maroney – (Didn't Play), Donald BrownMISS, Fred TaylorHIT, CJ SpillerHIT, Shonn GreeneHIT
WRs = TJ HoushmandzadehHIT, Roy WilliamsHIT, Lee EvanHIT, Calvin JohnsonMISS, Anquan BoldinHIT
TEs = John CarlsonHIT
DEF =Arizona- HIT, DenverMISS
YET TO PLAY – 49ers Defense, Jeremy Shockey, Frank Gore

Hits= 13 Misses=3

What makes a Dud? Like the stud rating, a dud rating is determined by how many fantasy points a player is projected to get compared to how many points they actually receive. If a player underperforms from what he is expected to do he will receive the label of "Dud". Now it's time to see what we got right and wrong with last week's Dud selections. These are the players we projected to have off weeks. A Hit means they had a below average week. A Miss means they did better than we expected.

Written by Dave Melroy

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