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What are the proposed rule changes for 2015?

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The NFL Competition Committee announced 23 proposals for rules changes that will be discussed at the NFL Annual Meeting, which kicks off Sunday in Phoenix.


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Of the 23 proposals, 18 came from clubs while the committee submitted five of its own. As presented by St. Louis Rams head coach and committee member Jeff Fisher on a conference call this week, here are the proposed rule changes:

Proposed by clubs

    1. Permit coaches to challenge penalties, penalties not called, and anything on the field with the exception of scoring plays and turnovers. (New England)
    1. Make all fouls, including offensive holding, reviewable. (Detroit)
    1. Through a coach's challenge, a team would be able to review all personal fouls. (Tennessee)
    1. All personal fouls would be reviewable but not necessarily through the coach's challenge. (Washington)
    1. Make all personal fouls reviewable that would result in a first down. (Washington)
    1. Allow teams to review the defenseless receivers; as far as that relates to hits on defenseless receivers whereby if there is a catch-fumble, that would turn into an incomplete pass. (Tennessee)
    1. Review fouls on any defenseless players, including peel-back blocks and long snappers. (Indianapolis)
    1. Increase the number of coach's challenges from two to three. (Washington)
    1. Expand plays for reviews that will be initiated by the official to include those that result in a score and change of possession if the on-field ruling is reversed. (Kansas City)
    1. Add the game clock to instant replay at the end of the half and at the end of the game. (Tennessee)

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11. Include the play clock in instant replay to determine whether or not the ball was snapped prior to expiration of the play clock. (Chicago)  
  • 12-14. Put fixed cameras on all boundaries of the playing field: sidelines, goal lines and the back of the end zone.  Also make it consistent at all venues. (New England)
    1. If a touchdown is awarded and the team elects to go for two and the try is successful, the team will also be given an opportunity for one more bonus point on a kick from midfield. (Indianapolis)
    1. Prohibit players to push rushers when the team is punting. For example, the current rule prohibits pushing rushers on try situations and field goal situations.  The proposal is to expand that to the punt game. (Baltimore)
    1. Both teams would be entitled to a possession in overtime. (Chicago)
    1. Prohibit two-back blocks by any offensive player anywhere on the field. (Miami)

Proposed by the Competition Committee

    1. Add the defenseless receiver on the downfield hit in the head-to-neck area when the ball is intercepted. "It makes sense to carry that receiver," Fisher said. "We saw a lot of hits, and he gets defenseless player protection, but in the event that the ball is picked off by a linebacker and the player is hit immediately in the head and neck area by another player, that should be a foul."

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  1. A current rule states that at the end of the half or end of the game if there is a dead-ball foul that that penalty would carry over and extend into the next period. The committee is proposing to not only include dead-ball, but also unsportsmanlike conduct or taunting fouls should carry over. 
    1. Involving legal chop blocks, there is a note in there where it is permissible by rule for a running back to line up in the backfield when the ball is snapped and after the ball is snapped go outside the tackle box and block low when a defensive player is engaged high. "We don't think there is a place for that in the game nor do we think we can find an example of it," Fisher said. "But it's kind of a rule clean-up there."
    1. Involving jersey numbers by position, Fisher said teams are running out of "50" numbers with linebackers so they're proposing that linebackers be permitted to wear numbers 40-49 in addition to 50-59 and 90-99.
    1. If an eligible player reports ineligible to the referee, he must report and then play in a line in the tackle box.

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