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#WhyAreYou a #Giants Fan?


NYG6Baker Kyle Baker
@Giants is in my blood my family has had season tickets forever. Nothing better then meeting dad, Gpa, n brothers every sunday for the game!

MattEFrank Matthew Frank
@Giants My dad took me to my first game 12-20-86 v GB. Giants won and then went on to win SBXXI. I have been a fan ever since.

Psuchick98 Kristine
@Giants #giants give me something to believe in day in and out..#GMEN inspire me to do my best and get to the next level...#bigblue4ever!!!

ajdemarco13 Adam DeMarco
@Giants my great grandpa took my grandpa to the first ever home game. My parents first date was a Giant game. Giants are in my blood

billmags billmags
“@Giants: #WhyAreYou a #NYG #Giants fan? 2 letters... L.T!!!!

nicholasvergara nicholasvergara
@Giants Season Ticket Holder since 1956 - Don't know anything other than New York Giants Football tradition - Generation #4 already attendin

KirbyNYC Kirby Gargantiel 
@Giants Cuz small players with huge hearts like Meggett and Morris played alongside Jumbos, Bavaro, and LT...

cwalds92 C.J. Waldron
@Giants the class this oraganization has along w the pride the players have to put on the NY helmet #gogmen

edridz73 Ed Ridzon
@Giants I was born on a sunday, after hearing from my parents of my birth my grandfather said, you interupted a giants game to tell me that

JSportsBullies Jersey Sport Bullies
@Giants #WhyAreYou #NYG #Giants fan? Because of their tradition of excellence & hard work

F_CheChe FD @Giants My dad has always said "Your greatest offense lies in your Defense" and I never understood that until I was introduced to #56 LT.

TheRealMcFIy Bryan Downing
@Giants because in 86 I popped out to watch Phil Simms lead the G-Men to a Super Bowl.

dslagowitz Douglas Slagowitz
@Giants... I'm a Giants fan by birthright... as my mom had me chanting "YA YA TITTLE" as a toddler.

Bolanos911 Oscar Bolanos
@Giants Being a #NYG means looking 4ward 2 having my dad & brothers over 4 the games Football season brings us closer!!

Dfbart Debra Bartichek
@Giants always have been always will be. Once a fan ALWAYS a fan

DonaldLongo Don Longo
@Giants Class, pride and Champions

JayWeb20 Bishop Eddie Long
@Giants because the team has history and a tradition of playing the game the right way. #bigblue

WillCorwin WillCorwin
@Giants I'm a #NYG fan b/c they can make me mad enough to break something and happy enough to shed tears (like when they win the superbowl)

Capace17 Jonathan Capace
@Giants Tradition,History,Memorable Games, all time great players ! Classy organization as well

TJ_ODonnell T.J. O'Donnell
@Giants when I was about 5 my dad said "your a giants fan or an orphan who pays rent." Just like his dad said to him.

matthaas matt haas
@Giants 17-1

CptAmerica78 Nino Fernandez
@Giants I was always a Giants fan but when I came back from the army after 2 tours in Iraq they won a superbowl. What a welcome home.

De_Architectura Patrick Rivera
@Giants because they are such a classy organization and I grew up idolizing the likes of LT, Carson, Banks and @michaelstrahan .

MAPMAH16 Marky Mark
@Giants I am a giants fan because I have to be or my family will disown me!

JamesShouldis James Shouldis
@Giants Because even when things look bad and when people/ media put then down they always fight back #superbowl #resiliency

HuntForRingsNYY Live & Die NY Sports
@Giants I'm a #Giants fan because they always represented class and hard work. Phil Simms was the first Halloween costume I remember wearing

Brian9171 Brian Schetter
@Giants because my father is a season ticket holder for almost 60 yrs and he bleeds blue!!

Smith_Eh Jordan Smith
@Giants because of "The Catch"

chokeartist856 Rob
@Giants the teams of the 80s is why I'm NYG fan. Carson, Banks, Marshall, Taylor & Pepper Johnson were my favorite players

hutch231 Hutch
@Giants long tradition of success, pride and humility, other teams should take notes

JAF121 John
@Giants My Dad had Tix since WWII. Told my Mom that he would keep the tix even if they could put food on the table. Did I have a choice? 

johndoh12 John Dougherty
@Giants Legends Alex Webster & Dick Lynch autographed pics for me "to the youngest Giant fan"...I was 2!! Giant fan before I knew it!!

@Giants When I was born, the doctors were baffled that I was bleeding BLUE. Since then I always knew I was meant to be a #GMEN. #Giants #NYG

LattanziBill Bill Lattanzi
@Giants bc of my father. He saw them at Yankee Stadium, he took me to see them at Yale Bowl. Lots of family tradition involved.

vVvPerilous Ryan McNamara
I was born this way BABY!!! RT @Giants #WhyAreYou a #NYG #Giants fan? Will RT some of the best!

FatGirlvsWorld FatGirlvsWorld
My dad raised me to appreciate greatness. RT @Giants: #WhyAreYou a #NYG #Giants fan?

whatamithepope Mark Nicoletta
@Giants Why would I NOT be a Giants fans

DavidVerrastro David Verrastro
@Giants I am a #NYG #Giants fan because I was born and raised a fan. I bleed blue, will always, hopefully will be a #GMEN myself someday.

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