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WR Domenik Hixon - 10/15

Q: How does the win feel a day later?
A: It feels good winning against a team that was red hot and winning against a good San Francisco team.

Q: How good was it to have all of your offensive weapons on the field yesterday?
A: I think that was a huge part, having all of our weapons back and being able to go out there and kind of play at full strength.

Q: Can you talk about how you adjust week in and week out to the different roles you're asked to play?
A: I just thank God for being able to be out there and play and just have fun with the guys and we try to prepare ourselves the best we can week in and week out for whatever role we're going to do. In the receiver room, we've got a tough room and we try to hold ourselves to a higher standard.

Q: Do you think the team can continue to fly under the radar after the win yesterday?
A: That's a good question. We'll see, but for some reason, every time we do something, someone finds a way to say that we could have done it better or a reason why we did win and it not being a legitimate win and we're fine with that. At the end of the day, we're out there to win ball games, I guess, not to steal a headline.

Q: Do you get that impression today that people are saying that after the win yesterday?
A: No. To be honest with you, I haven't even turned the TV on or done any of that yet. I'm just trying to catch up on some rest is all. We'll see. I haven't seen anything.

Q: Have you started to think about the two big division games coming up?
A: For sure. This morning, kind of finished watching the film from yesterday and turned the page and now we're focused on Washington. You can't dwell on your success for too long. That will come back to bite you in the butt, so we turned the page and we've got a big game coming up this Sunday.

Q: Do you think Coach will use the 0-2 start in the division as motivation this week?
A: We'll see. He always has a way of motivating us. He's a great leader that leads our team and he's going to find something to put in our ear to motivate us.

Q: What do you guys think you can improve upon?
A: We were talking last night on the plane with the two turnovers that the defense got us and we were right there in the red zone knocking on the door and we settled for field goals. We would love to turn both of those into seven points and try to increase the lead and, thankfully, the defense continued to play lights out and only held them to three points, but for sure, we'd like to turn those turnovers into seven points instead of three.

Q: Do you feel like you get cleaner opportunities when you're the third guy on the field with Hakeem and Victor as opposed to when you're filling in for Hakeem?
A: It just depends on what team you play, but you're going to get different coverages, but a lot of it has been man-to-man and different things like that. I don't think it's a significant difference.

Q: If you were on another team and you got to the Giants on the schedule, what would you think of the Giants after yesterday's win?
A: Since it's a hypothetical question, I guess I can pretend. Just a team that's going to come to play and play hard week in and week out and be prepared and try to put their best foot forward.

Q: Did you feel like the team made a statement yesterday?
A: I feel like we knew we had to play our A game against a very good San Fran team and that's what we did yesterday. We came in and played Giants football and kind of got the win.

Q: Did you have a chance to see your diving catch?
A: Yeah, I did. I watched film on that this morning.

Q: What did you think of your effort on that play?
A: Just trying to catch the ball. Our receiver room, we try to say any ball that's thrown to us, we want to catch the ball regardless of where it's at and I just tried to go down and make a play.

Q: Do you think the days of flying under the radar are over after you win this kind of game?
A: No. I've just got the feeling that even though we won yesterday, something is going to be said that happened, shouldn't have happened or whatever the case is. We're fine flying under the radar with no one paying attention to us. That's fine. We have no problem with being an underdog.

Q: Did you know your hand was under the ball there?
A: Yeah, I did. When I was looking the ball in how my hand… I actually caught it kind of funny, but I noticed my hand was underneath the ball. That's why when they challenged it, I was kind of surprised at it, but then again from different angles, you see kind of different results.

Q: So it was kind of lucky that your hand was on the nose of the ball there.
A: Yeah. You could call it luck.

Q: Is that what you mean by catching it funny that your hand was on the nose of the ball?
A: Yeah. Pretty much how it happened… It was a good situation.


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