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WR Domenik Hixon


Q: What's the message to your team?

A: Keep on playing. Keep on winning games, having fun out there. I'll be watching. I'll be hanging around, rooting them on the whole way and doing whatever I can for them

Q: At what point did you know something was wrong?

A: It was kind of wishful thinking more than anything. Like I said, I felt my calf tighten up. The doctor said that was the swelling going there. It was kind of just wishful thinking. I went out at the beginning of the third quarter, felt good, it's just one of those crazy things.

Q: Was it on the touchdown play?

A: Yeah, it was.

Q: Is there a black cloud over this place with all of these injuries?

A: I wouldn't even say that. God has a specific plan for everybody. I just pray about it and like I said, I'm going to be back. I felt like I was better when I came back this time. We'll just have to do it again and add another chapter to the book.

Q: Was it important to show what you could still do before this happened?

A: We were talking about that this morning. I just thank God I caught it and kind of contributed to the win and just hanging out on the sidelines, just different little things like that. It felt good being back. That'll just be more motivation to come back again.

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