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WR Domenik Hixon Transcript


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Q: It's been a long time for you.  How anxious are you to get on the practice field for real later today?A: Very anxious.  This is something I've been waiting 13 months for.  I've been preparing and it's kind of like a dream come true all over again.

Q: It's also a big opportunity obviously, barring any other moves, there's a hole right there at third receiver. Is that something that you're looking forward to trying to get?A: Absolutely, every time going into training camp when you were training in the off season you're looking to be the number one. That's what I train for every year and that's my goal.  Whether or not that happens, that's a different story. 

Q: Do you have any reservations about where you are physically or are you not even worried about the knee anymore?A: I'm not really concerned.  Yesterday going through the physical, I talked to the doctors and they felt I was 100 percent. We're just going to keep a close eye on it and make sure it doesn't swell up or have any setbacks.  I feel 100 percent.

Q: What do you think about the idea of Plaxico coming back?A: I think it's a great idea. Great guy, played with him and I had the chance to know him personally and he's a great guy so him coming back wouldn't be a bad idea.

Q: Did you see him at all when he was in the building yesterday?A: No I didn't. We were in a meeting.

Q: It certainly would affect you and the other receivers too.  It might knock guys down a notch.  How do you juggle wanting him back with how it could affect your playing time?A: I think in the receiver room we want to win ball games.  Whatever helps us do that, that's what we want so that may be so but at the end of the day we're winning and our goal is the Super Bowl.  If we have to take a step back, that's fine if we win ball games.

Q: Does this team need Plaxico?A: That's a great question. I think it's one of those things we're going to have to wait to find out what happens.  If we get him, great, if not, he'll play somewhere else and do well there.

Q: Is there a lot of talk about him in the last couple of days amongst the receivers?A: Yeah there has been.  We're all anxious and things are falling into place. Everybody in the NFL is making moves.  We're anxious to see what the Giants are doing.

Q: Is it odd coming to training camp not knowing exactly where you're going to fit in ultimately when everything shakes out?A: Yeah, it's something that's different.  It's the first year of this happening and guys can't practice until August 4th and different things like that.  So it's something a little different and something we'll have to get used to.

Q: Do you still see yourself as a valuable contributor to special teams.A: Absolutely. Definitely on special teams and as a receiver.

Q: When you go out there tonight are you going to have any kinds of limitations whatsoever?A: No. I feel like 100 percent.  A couple of bumps and bruises along the way.  The past couple of months I've been running around. Yesterday for our little conditioning deal I felt good. I'm excited to go up against the best guys in the league.

Q: Will you at last keep an eye on it if you start to feel something and be careful with it and not rush it?A: Yeah that's something that we discussed yesterday, not getting a set back, or if it does swell for some reason, before it gets worse we'll go ahead and stop it there and analyze it and let the doctors do what they do.

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