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WR Domenik Hixon Transcript


Q: Practicing very other day…A: That's what we had kind of game-planned to do, kind of play it by ear.

Q: Are you having any problems with your knee?
A: No, not at all. It's pretty much just getting back and doing football things. You don't want to overexert your body and kind of be slow and do all those things from the beginning.

Q: Is that what they're telling you or are you going slow?
A: I'm just doing what they tell me.

Q: So you feel like you could go every day?
A: Yeah, absolutely.

Q: Tom's made it clear that the number three receiver job is open. Steve's not around obviously. There are a couple young guys. He mentioned you the other day as somebody. Can you win that job practicing every other day?A: I think so. The thing is, you're getting ready for the games and preparing yourself that way. It's not anything that I'm taking off, but if they needed me to practice every day or do anything like that, then I definitely would do that. Hopefully by Carolina, the start of the preseason games and things like that, I'm starting to show that. 

Q: Do you think you'll be able to play in the preseason?
A: Yeah. They're doing a great job …

Q: There's a lot of younger, newer guys like Darius or Victor that Eli's throwing to in the slot. Do you feel after a year off that you can pick right up, or do you have to re-build the chemistry with Eli?
A: I feel like we kind of picked up from where we left off and that's a good thing. I feel real good about it.

Q: You don't have to re-learn him or what he wants? He doesn't have to re-learn you?A: No, I don't think so. I just got called old today at lunch.

Q: By?A: By JJ (Jernigan) and Duke Calhoun.

Q: A rookie called you old?

A: We were talking about Plax and Toomer and he was like "you were here?"

Q: So now what's he going to suffer?
A: That'll be on Twitter later on probably. But, re-learning and doing all of that, I think is pretty much the same thing we've been doing with a couple of tweaks here and there.

Q: How do you feel about the slot?
A: I feel comfortable there, to be honest with you. I've been watching Steve for the past four years do it. I took a lot of things that he did well and tried to incorporate that into my game.

Q: What's the toughest part of playing in the slot?
A: Playing in the slot has a lot more contact with linebackers and different things like that. You're expected to block linebackers. That'd probably be the biggest difference.

Q: Do you know when the trainers are going to elevate the schedule to where you will be allowed to go every day? Do you know that?
A: I don't. That's something that like I said, we've just been trying to take it one day at a time and just progressing. Like I said, eventually I'll be every day.

Q: Talk to Chase lately?

A: I did text him a couple days ago.

Q: How's he doing? Does he have any nibbles?

A: Here and there, but nothing until __. It's kind of a tough situation.

Q: The short timeframe for free agency?
A: Exactly. It's a short window for everything that happened. A lot of things are happening fast.

Q: You got yours done before.A: That's a blessing there.

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