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WR Domenik Hixon Transcript

Q: …the positive side of this thing. How about the guys that have a chance to step up?A: Well, yeah there's opportunity. You have the opportunity, you have to make the most of it and take advantage of it.

Q: How do you feel about your teammates and do you think there are enough bodies and talent to fill in and step up and fill those lines?
A: There's definitely enough talent. Each year has been something, either a guy going down or Plax not being here, or Toomer not being here and the receiving corps always being questioned. We put that on them as a challenge and we'll step up to that challenge.

Q: The fact that he left for the Eagles, is that a double-whammy?A: It is. It's a rivalry that's been growing over the years. Any team that he goes to…..but he made his decision.

Q: How does it feel to get out and start playing? First game, lot of questions. Are you getting rid of butterflies, or just get out and see what happens?A: Let's get out and see what happens. I mean, we're excited. …we've had some good practices. Now we get to go out and hit with someone else besides our teammates.

Q: How about you getting out there? How does that feel?A: I'm real excited. After I hurt my knee, this was one of my goals to be able to fight back, do a whole year of rehab and be able to play in the first preseason game. I accomplished one of my goals.

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