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WR Hakeem Nicks

Q. If you have to play a little bit more this weekend, how prepared are you? Do you expect or think there is any chance that you will start?

A. I am not sure. As far as I know everything is still the same. I am ready to step up whenever my name is called.

Q. When you see Mario out, does that intrigue you at all that your role might be increased on Sunday?

A. No. I just have to make sure I am on top of my assignments, make sure I am on top of the game.

Q. How much more comfortable are you now than you were the first few weeks?

A. I'm a lot more comfortable now. I feel like I am getting stable with the offense now, finding my role and just want to keep making plays.

Q. Was it a matter of just getting more chemistry with Eli?

A. Just a matter of repetitions and being out there long enough.

Q. Are you surprised at all by how you have been able to make so many plays right away?

A. I wouldn't say that I have been surprised. It is just a matter of me working hard during the week and it shows on Sundays.

Q. The tipped ball you caught on Sunday vs. Arizona. Is that a case of being in the right place at the right time or does it also show something about your composure during the situation?

A. You can look at it both ways. Honestly, I was running over there to get a block or if there was an interception to make a tackle. I saw the ball tipped and made a play on it once I realized I could get to it.

Q. Do you still have family in Philadelphia?

A. Yes. I still have a lot of family in Philly.

Q. Are they going to be at the game?

A. A few of them will be out there. My uncles and stuff. I don't have any females in my family. I heard it is kind of rough out there.

Q. Is your dad still a Philly fan?

A. No, not this weekend. He will be at the game.

Q. What is your father's name?

A. Robert Nicks.

Q. Was he an athlete also?

A. He boxed when I was younger.

Q. What weight class?

A. I'm not sure.

Q. Was he a pro?

A. I think he might have fought a couple of fights pro, he might have. Don't quote me on that.

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