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WR Hakeem Nicks


Q: How are you feeling?

A: Feeling pretty good. Went out there today, did some stuff. It was kind of like a light day so I didn't get to do too much, but I felt normal out there for what I did do.

Q: You didn't do the team stuff?

A: Yeah. They decided they're not letting me jump out there yet. They want to get a full week of heeling underneath my belt, but still look forward to playing Monday night.

Q: Has your body responded well?

A: Yeah. It's responded real fine [with] everything I've been doing.

Q: If you had to play tomorrow, you'd be out there?

A: Yeah. If I had to play tomorrow, I'd be out there.

Re: The swelling and pain.

A: The swelling is gone. The pain is not really there. I think I'll be alright.

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