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WR Hakeem Nicks


Q: Will the Eagles give you shots to make big plays against them?

A: There are definitely opportunities out there with coach Gilbride's offensive schemes. He knows the defense and we know the defense so it is a matter of taking advantage of them when the time comes.

Q: How tough will it be without Mario?

A: It shouldn't be too tough, guys just have to step up. We will approach it on game day and whatever the situation is with Mario, we will just have to approach it accordingly. Hopefully he will be out there with us and if not, guys will just have to step up and play.

Q: How much pressure does it put on Eli?

A: Eli is going to just go through he reads like he always does. I don't think Eli puts pressure on himself or anything like that will affect him or his game. We will stick to the script and stick to the game plan and guys that are practicing right now will just have to prepare as though they are playing.

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