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WR Hakeem Nicks


Q: Eli seems to think you'll play this week.**
A: It looks pretty good. I'm supposed to be able to take some live snaps this week. That's what Coach told me yesterday when I asked him. Doctor said the same thing so that's what we look forward to doing.

Q: Have you actually let it go 100 percent at any time in practice?
A: Yeah, I did yesterday. I feel like I had a pretty good practice yesterday as far as speed wise, testing the limits, sprinting to the end zone after I caught the ball a little bit. It was opening up a little bit more.

Q: Have you been chomping at the bit to get going again being out this long?
A: Definitely can't wait, going against some live action knowing that somebody is going to be hitting me after I catch the ball now. It will get my feet wet a little bit for this opening game. That's what I look forward to, getting some live snaps and hopefully I get in a couple routine routes down with Eli.

Q: Just how important are those real snaps against an actual opponent heading into the regular season?
A: It's always good because you know in practice here, nobody's touching you. It's always just tag them off or whatever when you catch the ball. Being able to catch the ball and know you've got to really make a move and turn it on a little bit before you actually have to play the real season opener is good.

Q: If you do get a few snaps in there, is that when you'll feel ready to go?
A: Definitely. Definitely once I test the waters a little bit you know… have to really give a good release versus some real legit coverage and going against an opposite team, so that's what we're going to look forward to doing.

Q: Obviously your timing is off a little bit but your body is fresh. What does that mean for you when you start the season?
A: I've got fresh legs. I feel like I can just run. I think it will help me later in the season rather than sooner, so hopefully late in the season my legs will still be feeling somewhat fresh or better than they will be feeling normally around that time in the season.

Q: If you don't go out there on Wednesday, will you be disappointed?
A: No. I won't be disappointed. I'll definitely understand. It's coach's decision, but it's a mentality to how to turn on in the first game and know what it is.

Q: Do you think it's more for your own head? Just to say I made one catch.
A: I think it's just more of a matter of getting some live action and being out there with the ones and the starters and getting things down. Just being out there with the guys.

Q: So it's nothing guaranteed, but you want to be there?
A: As of right now I was told I was going to take some snaps, but if he decides to change, I'm sure he'll let me know, and whatever the decision they make, I'm going to roll with it. I'm ready to go.

Q: Was yesterday the first time you really went full speed?
A: I think probably yesterday. I worked my way into it. My first week back at practice, it was just get your feet back under you. Yesterday, I feel like I opened it up a little bit, sprinting to the end zone and running my routes full speed and at the right things with the right releases.

Q: Nothing residual today when you woke up?
A: Everything was still the same.

Q: So you feel good?
A: I feel great.

Q: If the season was tomorrow, you can play?
A: Definitely. If the season was last week, I could play.


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