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WR Hakeem Nicks


Q:  How do you feel after a week off?**
A: I'm definitely looking forward to Philly. Obviously a big game for us, a rivalry game. They know us, we know them. I'm looking forward to it. My body feels pretty good. I had about a week off, so I'll get out there and practice tomorrow and see how it goes from there.

Q:  How is playing in Philly different than any other place in the league?
A: Well, it's our rival. It's an intense game; their fans will definitely be in it. We do well when our backs are up against the wall. Their fans and everybody else are going to be rooting against us in the stadium. We just need to go out there and play great team ball and click on all cylinders and play hard.

Q:  Some names have changed on their defense, but their personality seems pretty similar?
A: Definitely. They are still the same Eagles; they still have that tough mentality, still play a lot of the same coverages and defenses. It's going to be about our approach, and how we approach the game, the mentality that we need to win, and just do that.

Q:  They have basically dominated against you guys in recent history.  Is it possible for a team to "have your number?"
A: It is possible, but we just look at it as one game at a time. Every time we play them it's a new game, it's a new day. We pretty much don't look at the history of how things go. Right now, we're just looking forward to this one game and we're going to compete.

Q:  You aren't buying into this hex?
A: No, I'm not buying it.


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