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WR Hakeem Nicks Conf. Call


Q: How has Coach Coughlin gotten across the message of finishing games?
A: I think it is a matter of him instilling it in our heads and us putting it together as a team and wanting to get the job done. Each game is going to go down to the wire and each game is going to be competitive. We always want to come out on top.

Q: Was the team different on the sidelines during the game?
A: We never had the mentality that we were going to give up. We knew that it was going to come down to wire and Arizona was a good team. We figured it would go down to the wire and we would have to play all four quarters. We came out on top.

Q: Do you think this team would have had the same mentality last year?
A: It is hard to say. Last year is in the past and this year is a new year. We know what we want to be this year and no one is looking at what we did last year. We want to build off each week and get better as a team each week.


's play?
A: I really didn't know the details of the call. I am just glad that it turned out on our side. During the game, I assumed that he got touched but watching the film it was different. I guess he declared himself down and I am glad that they made the call and I am glad it was on our side.
Q: It looked like Mario was mad at him?
A: I didn't pay that any attention. I think it was the heat of the moment. Guys just wanted to win and we didn't want to turn the ball over. I think it was the heat of the moment and I don't think he was mad at Victor or anything like that. I think it was the situation if anything.
Q: What is the difference playing on the road?
A: I think it is a matter of who wants it more. We know that they are going to come out very competitive because they are playing at home. It is just a matter of us wanting it more and having to go get it.
Q: What is so hard about playing on the road?
A: I guess you can say it is the challenge. As a man, you look forward to the challenge and as a team you have to overcome adversity and everything that you have to face on the road. The odds are against you so it is a matter of you having the will and wanting to do good as a team.
Q: Was there more of an effort to get you the ball?
A: It was a lot more single coverage in yesterday's game. The safety wasn't really rolling to my side like in the previous two games. It was a lot of one-on-one coverage and taking advantage of that. Eli was clicking and on point with everything and we feed off his adrenaline.
Q: Why has Eli been on such a roll?
A: I think it is just that we are clicking now. Everyone is getting involved with the offense and people are stepping up at the tight end position. Victor Cruz stepping up and me and Mario Manningham as well and Ahmad is doing his part. I think we are finally clicking as a team. We are using all of our weapons.
Q: How has your chemistry improved with Eli?
A: I think it is getting good and going to continue to get better each week. We just have to approach it one week at a time and know the opponents and who we are playing. I think everything will take care of itself as long as we are practicing hard and knowing our opponent.
Q: What goes through your mind when the ball is in the air?
A: He is trusting me when he throws it up there and he is depending on me to beat that one-on-one coverage and that is what I want to do. When he is throwing the ball to me, I want to make the catch. 
Q: How do you get to that Larry Fitzgerald point?
A: It comes from making a name for yourself. Larry Fitzgerald has done that and that is why he is recognizable like that out there. From a wide receiver's standpoint, I feel like if you make a name for yourself and are known for making big plays, you obviously can't forget about the playmaker out there.
Q: How far away do you think you are from that point?
A: It is different each week. Some teams approach it like that and some teams stick to what they do and play one on one. It changes throughout the week for me.
Q: Are you surprised that you are tied for first place?
A: No, I am not surprised. It is a matter of who wants it. We stick together as a team and we bind good as a team. When guys go down, guys step up and that is the nature of the game. People get hurt and you have injuries, it is a matter of guys stepping up to the plate and making plays and I think we have been doing that good.





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