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WR Hakeem Nicks on Packers' secondary


Q:  You see the numbers obviously, the Packers defense statistically the worst in the league, but when you look at the film what do you see, what kind of opportunities do you see for you guys?

A:  I think we can take advantage of certain things that they do within their schemes of the defense, definitely not a group that you can overlook. There are some guys that definitely have great play-making ability in their secondary and I think they feed off of turnovers so as long as we take care of the things we need to take care of within our offense, we will be fine.

Q: Is one of those routes that back shoulder that seems to be a problem for a lot of DB's?

A: It could be, but it depends on the coverage they are playing behind it. They got the safety over the top of the coverage, then it's not something you want to do.

Q: Did you guys feel obviously you did that pretty well the first time you played them, your offense didn't really slow down much?

A: I thought the first time we played them, offensively, we were doing good,  moving the ball up and down the field, so I think the things will still be there to take advantage of. You've got to take advantage of it when it comes.

Q: You became a father within the last couple years. Have you said anything to Victor about having a baby?

A: Yeah, I told him congratulations, to cherish the moment, it's a great feeling.

Q:  Is it a life changer for a guy to have that kind of development?

A: Definitely, that manhood kicks in.

Q: Do you think Victor is good with not getting any sleep and the playoffs going on?

A:  Yeah, just know it'll pass. It's definitely a great opportunity that we have as a team right now, but I think his mind is in the right spot, you know he came to work with a positive head today and I think he is ready to do what he has to do.

Q:  On Victor?

A:  He is just a playmaker, he's a playmaker and he makes plays when he is called on.

Q: How about you?

A:  The same, I can make plays when the balls in my hands.

Q: Mario said he's feeling about as good as he has felt in a while with his knee bothering him. You guys haven't had all three of you feeling very good at the same time often the last half of the season. How good is this offense now with three healthy receivers?

A:  I think we are good. We are a dangerous corps. I think you can't just double any one of us. I feel like all of us are number one receivers. Within our offense, you try to take one guy away, then it opens up for the other two guys. You try to take two guys away, it opens up for the third receiver and the tight end as well. So I'm happy with the way the running game is going right now. I feel like our offense is going upbeat.

Q: Running game?

A:  Definitely, it keeps the safeties aggressive, the safeties are aggressive and you can take advantage of the play action pass. A lot more one on one on the outside, so it all works hand and hand.

Q:  How confident are you if this game turns into a shootout?

A: Pretty confident. Pretty confident in our offense, our running game, the way Eli is throwing the ball right now and the way the wide receivers are playing.

Q: Are you JPP confident?

A: I feel like we are all confident. We are in a situation that we've got to take advantage of, we know what's at stake. We trying to keep this thing going.

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