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WR Hakeem Nicks Transcript

Q: How hard is it to see Steve Smith go?

A: It's a business decision that he made. The best of luck to him. We'll continue to move one.

Q: Is it going to be personal when you see him in a couple of weeks in a green helmet?

A: You can't take it personal. I guess it's the business aspect, that's the route that he chose to go. Best wishes to him.

* *

Q: Did you think he would be back?

A: I didn't know. I wouldn't mind him coming back, but it's a decision that he had to make. Like I said, it's the business part of it.

* *

Q: Is there enough talent here to get through this?

A: I definitely think that there's enough talent here to get through it. Guys have an opportunity now to step up.

* *

Q: When you hear about things like that with Steve Smith, do you ever scratch your head like 'What's going on here?'

A: It's something that I don't think I can control. I just control what I can control and the best wishes to him.

* *

Q: Do you ever think about what's going on upstairs, what's Jerry's plan?

A: No I don't think about it at all. It's something I can't control.

* *

Q: How did Steve Smith affect you?

A: It's a good match up to face a defense with. With Steve [Smith] they can't just put a safety over the top of me with Steve in the slot. I think we have guys like Victor Cruz, Mario (Mannigham), Jerrel (Jernigan), all of those guys, Duke [Calhoun] Domenik [Hixon], we have guys that can fill the void.

* *

Q: Where do you find yourself after this?

A: I'm going to continue to play the game I've been playing. Keep working hard and take it up a couple notches. 

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