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WR Jerrel Jernigan Transcript


Q: Do you sense that you're competing for the third receiver position or is there just too much going on?A: There's too much going on. I just go out there, run the stuff that coach is installing or will tell you on the day of practice and go out there and try to do my best.

Q: Did you play mostly in the slot?A: Mostly in the slot, but I played outside too. So whenever he needs me to go outside, I went outside. I pretty much went everywhere.

Q: Slot is a very natural place for you?A: Yeah, it's natural. I'm used to bumping with linebackers and nickel backs and stuff inside there. It's natural to me.

Q: What's hard about the slot position?A: The slot is really about a decent route. You're in there with the outside backers, the nickel backs. Going through the middle, getting bumped around. Getting hit around. Pretty much got to be tough to play in the slot. You take a lot of hits from there and run a lot of crossing routes.

Q: You also ran the ball a lot at Troy and you ran some option passes. Is that correct?A: Yeah, you're correct.

Q: How much playbook did you have there? Was it this huge thing that you had to absorb?A: Over time, since I was there, about four years. As time went on, coach put them in. Those plays, you don't forget when you get involved. You don't get forget those plays. So pretty much, those are in my head. Over the course of four years I learned the whole playbook. My first year there, learned a little bit, got further with it. In my second year, I caught on. The rest, I went on to learn the whole playbook.

Q: Have they tested your arm here?A: No. Not here yet. Hopefully coach gives me a chance to throw a little bit.

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