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Q: How is your development with a new quarterback?
A: There is obviously work to be done. He is getting used to me and I am getting used to him. He is getting used to the offense so it is totally different. We are working diligently to make it easier for each other and we are going to continue to do that.Q: What are some positive signs that you have seen?
A: There are drives that we have put together throughout the season that really looked good and I try to build on those positives and try not to dwell on the things that haven't gone our way. I think hard work is the key to success out here.   Q: Has the offense changed or are you teaching him?
A: It is hard for a receiver to teach the quarterback things because he has to watch so many different things. If a free safety or the Will comes on the front side, I can't say 'hey, there is a free safety or will coming.' There are a lot of things that he has to do on his own. He is doing a good job and we have some terrific coaches here that have helped him along the way. He is a very intelligent guy and he wants to do well. He puts in the time.Q: Are things opening up for you that you didn't expect?
A: The plays were there last year but we just didn't execute them. That is what happened a lot of the time last year. This year, I feel as though we have had more opportunities and we have been able to connect more frequently than going into week four of last year. I hadn't really done much in terms of productivity, but this year, we have been able to connect a few times. We have a long way to go but it is better off than we were last year. Q: Rolle says he only way people slow you down is to double you. Do you think you need to be double covered?
A: I love Antrel, he is like a brother to me and we spent so many quality years together. I am looking forward to playing against him. I am looking forward to the matchup. I don't know what coach Coughlin and coach Fewell are going to do but I know those guys are going to be ready. Anytime you play a Tom Coughlin football team, you can expect a few things. You can expect a disciplined team that is hard working and not going to make a lot of mental mistakes. They are going to take advantage of your mistakes. We have to make sure that we don't go out there and turn the ball over and give those guys extra possessions. I don't want them to double me. I want to get out there and hopefully get some easy catches and walk away with a victory. That would be ideal if I could script it the way I want to script it.Q: How close were you and Antrel?
A: I feel like he is a brother to me. I love him dearly and his family. His family has always looked out for me even in college days. I am looking forward to seeing his parents Friday and Saturday and after the game on Sunday. Obviously we won't be able to do much talking on the field but I am looking forward to catching up with him as well.Q: Do you feel like you have an advantage playing a team not in your division?
A: We are talking about the New York Football Giants so you see them every single week. It is not like playing in Arizona where you are off in obscurity. They probably have the highest tv ratings out of anybody in the league week in and week out. They are always on Monday night or Sunday night, they are always prime time. If you watch football, then you are pretty familiar with their personnel and what they do and their players. They are a huge market team. I think we expect and know. This will be my fifth time playing them in my career and I think I have some familiarities. I played against Webster before and I have played against Phillips before and Tuck and Osi. I have played against a lot of those guys before and I know the kind of players they are.   Q: Is there a Sunday when you are not double-teamed?
A: I get looks in a game where I am getting singled, especially when they are getting pressure but it is a part of the game. The team is going to do whatever they can to neutralize their opponent's top player. That is something I have to deal with but I look at it as a challenge and no matter what my route is, just try to make the play no matter what is going on out there.Q: Did the market play a role in your decision to sign back with the team?
A: If you had the chance to know me, then you would know that I am more about building. When I came out here, we were in the cellar. I saw us go to the Super Bowl a few years ago so it is much more gratifying to be a part of something from the very beginning and build it and be a part of the foundation that turned it around. I feel we have the core guys along with the coaching staff that we can get it turned around here. It is just us believing in each other and turning that corner.Q: Antrel was faced with the same decision, have you spoken to him about it?
A: We talk all the time and he did what he thought was best for his career at that point. He has done very well and has had opportunities to play on a really good football team that is competing for a playoff position every year in the NFC East. He made that decision based on what was best for him. What was best for me, I felt, was to stay here and be a part of this community and this team and try to recruit other guys to come and be a part of it with me. 

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