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WR Mario Manningham


Q: How much were you able to do and how do you feel?
A: I'm good. I went out there and practiced and did individual and team. I did everything and I feel better.Q: Do you expect to play?
A: Yes, I will be there on Sunday.   Q: How does Stokley's injury impact you?
A: It is a part of the game. Injuries are a part of the game. You have to deal with them and rehab and come back as fast as you can. We need everybody. Q: What has to happen before you pass the tests?
A: You just can't have anything wrong with you. Your head can't hurt when you run or in the light, your balance. It is everything.Q: How were you today?
A: I feel better than what I felt when I went out there for the walk through last week. The sensitivity to light, I don't have any. I am good. I will be straight.

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