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WR Michael Clayton


Q: When did you get called?

A: Last night. Well, actually in the afternoon.  Q: Where were you?

A: I was in Tampa about to buy a lot. I was with the family, the wife and kids, and about to settle down and build a house and I got a call. You never know what is going to happen but I am thankful for the opportunity. I am glad to be back. 

Q: What do they expect from you?

A: I think it is pretty much even keel all the way around the league and that's that you never know how long it is going to last. I am thankful for the position that I am in. They have their guys and I was able to come on and do some things last year. I am not really sure what it is going to amount to, my biggest thing is doing what I can do day by day to help this team win a title and control what I can control. That is all I am worried about. 

Q: Can you play Sunday?

A: Absolutely. I worked every day. It was a small vacation. If we were out for six weeks, it may be different but I stayed active and anticipated a call within the first four weeks. I stayed ready to go and whatever they need me to do on Sunday, I am down for it and excited about the opportunity.  

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