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WR Ramses Barden

Q: You guys are a little thin at wide receiver, huh?

A: Well, Hakeem will be back, he's tough. Until then, everybody's going to keep grinding and pull together, and be a successful unit.

Q: What do you think it means for you?
A: I don't think it means anything extra. I'm going to continue to do what I need to do and what's asked of me. Whether it's me getting more responsibility, that's fine. I'm going to play to the best of my ability. If not, I'm going to continue to do what I'm asked to do, run a certain route, asked to fill a certain position or a certain slot, then I'm more than happy to do that. I'm going to do so with great effort.

Q: Yesterday it looked like you had some footwork problems in the morning then had a great practice in the afternoon…did anything go on mentally?
A: Whenever you have a tough couple of reps, you try and find ways to forget about it, you know. You want to have a short memory. Those things happen. I'm glad that hopefully I got that out of the way early in camp. The idea is just to forget about it, try and figure out some things you can fix, and come back and get as strong as possible in the next opportunity.

Q: What have they told you that you have to do to get on the field?
A: Continue to work and continue what I'm doing. When opportunities come, and opportunities arise, take advantage of them.

Q: Is special teams part of that?
A: I think so. I think whatever they ask of me, I have to be prepared to do. Whether it's special teams, whether it's playing slot or on the outside or the red zone, green zone, goal line, whatever. I need to be prepared to fill a role wherever I'm at.

Q: One of the things we haven't seen from you are those circus, athletic catches that you made last year. Are you conscious of that?
A: Not really. Still early though.

Q: You think you have a few in you though?
A: Well, it's tough because our quarterbacks throw such good balls. So, it's hard, you know. I'm not going to jump out of the way of a pass to try and do something ridiculous. It's kind of one of those things that you don't really think about. If the ball is up somewhere random and I have to go get, then I've got to go get it. Usually it's right about chin high, and in perfect position to turn it up and score.

Q: Coach Coughlin talked about being consistent, what was his message?
A: Well, it's important to be consistent, especially with young guys. When you start finding ways to have success on the field, it gives the coaches confidence when they see it over and over again. That's one of the things that I'm going to try to incorporate and be consistent.  

Q: The past few days the defense has made some plays and they've celebrated with Coach Fewell in the end zone. Does that create tension?
A: It's fun to see the energy on the defensive side. It's fun to see it, regardless of practice. I definitely think we as receivers feed off of that. When we see other guys competing and riled up, we get the same way. We want to come back and fight and beat them on whatever routes and whatever plays that we're doing. It's going to make for a better, competitive series.

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