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WR Rueben Randle - 11/26


Q: Was getting your first NFL touchdown big?**
A: It's big, but I'm not going to make a big deal about it. Just got to keep pushing on and keep working.

Q: It sounds like you expected it to happen already?
A: I did, but you can't rush it. You've just got to continue to work and just got to take advantage of it.Q: What are you going to do with the ball?

A: (Joe) Skiba is going to paint it or whatever. I don't know what he's going to do. He asked me if I wanted him to paint it for me, so I said yeah.Q: Where are you going to keep it?

A: I'm going to keep it, maybe give it to my parents.Q: Do you think you're starting to fit into the offense?

A: Yeah. I'm getting more comfortable with the offense. Coach is giving me more and more trust in me, so I'm just looking forward to making plays.Q: The first round pick is also next in line. Youth seems like it can be a big part of this stretch run.

A: Yeah, we've just got to continue to work. We're always trying to progress to build confidence in the players around us and the coaching staff so we're getting more playing time and hopefully we'll be making more plays.Q: I'm sure they told you about the 2007 rookie class when they started coming into their own at about this time of the year.

A: Yeah, they told us. Hakeem talked to me before the bye week. He said these next couple of weeks, we're going to need all you young guys to step up. The beginning of the season is over with, so it's about time we pick up our game and contribute.

Q: Does it seem like a long season?
A: I'm fresh. Just looking forward to these next couple of weeks to get more playing time and make more plays so I contribute more.Q: You guys seem to be on the other side of the rookie wall.

A: Yeah. We're feeling pretty good right now. I don't think we hit it quite yet, so we're just looking to push forward and don't let anything get in our way. So we'll be prepared for these next couple of weeks.


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