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WR Rueben Randle


Q: To this point, you've made a lot of good impressions. What's the most difficult thing you've had to learn?**
A: Just picking up on everything in the meeting rooms, learning all of the different positions, moving around a lot, and just the flow of the game. Just trying to go at the same pace with the ones, on the same level as those guys as a rookie.

Q: Of the positions you've been working on, is there one that you're starting to get a feel for?
A: Well, yeah. I just started working at the X, so I'm getting a feel for that right now. During the OTAs and things, I was working at the Z and W. So now, I'm moving to the X and learning that position now.

Q: You talked about how there's a sense of competition over the position.
A: We don't look at it as competition. We're just looking at it as going out there and getting better, making each other better, each and every day. The coach is going to decide whoever he wants to play on game day. So, our job is to go out there and do the best we can and let the coaches decide.

Q: With Hakeem out, can you sense that you could possibly make contributions right away?
A: Yes. That's my plan. Just go out there and try to prove myself each and every day. Like I said, leave it up to the coaches hands. As long as I do my job, everything else will take care of itself.

Q: Any part of you have a little chip on your shoulder after not being picked in the first round?
A: Not really. It's over with now. It's about just continuing to get better. When things happen, they happen for a reason. So, whatever it was, I'm pretty sure it's going to pose itself to me. I can't complain about being in the situation I'm in right now.

Q: When the Giants drafted you, Jerry made a point of saying 'he played at LSU, and they really didn't have a good quarterback to throw to him.' Do you notice the difference now that you're with Eli?
A: I mean, of course you have a great quarterback with Eli, who just places the ball there every time. David Carr and Ryan Perrilloux do a great job also. So, it's a lot easier as a receiver to turn around, and the ball is right in the right spot every time.

Q: Has anybody taken you under their wing and given you some good advice that has made the difference for you so far?
A: Yeah. I talked to Hakeem every day. He's been like a big brother to me. He's guided me along, and continued to teach me the ropes. So, I'm really thankful for him.

Q: Anything in particular that's made a difference?
A: Just out there on the practice field. When he sees when I do something wrong or sees something that I could do better, he'll just pull me to the side and just chit-chat it up. We just continue to try and get better.

Q: Do you keep a scorecard at all about how often you beat Hosley?
A: No. He's actually my roommate now. We're just cool. We just go out there and compete. It's nothing personal or anything like that.

Q: You guys are roommates?
A:  Yeah.

Q: How did that work out? Did they assign that?
A: Yeah, they assigned it to us.

Q: Yesterday, you kind of started to cramp a little bit?
A: Yeah. I just felt a little sick yesterday morning. It was carrying on, throughout the day.  I definitely feel much better, so I'll be in for the whole practice today.

Q: Most college players, they come into the NFL, they're curious about adjusting to the speed right away. Do you feel you have?

A: I think I've done a pretty good job so far. I still got a long way to go, but as long as I keep taking strides, just get better and every day, everything should be fine.Q: Does Corey work with you too?

A: Yeah. He's one of the main ones that stay on me. He's going to push me each and every day, so I'm looking forward to the challenge.Q: Does he go over your routes with you, and things like that?

A: No. He just gives me knowledge, teaches me like Hakeem does. He teaches me the ropes, some of the things that he knows, since he's been in the league for a little while. I just take heed on the things they tell me. 


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